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2010 Space Odyssey

So to celebrate 2010, IGP decided the best way to do that was to sit down and watch the movie, 2010, which was actually made way back in 1984. The result of that means that there are some truly comical moments with the technology. Computers are clunky with awful graphics. And of course there is that whole pesky cold war that's still apparently a problem. Interestingly, the computer screens in Kubrick's 2001 are actually flat screens, making them look more like the average computer screen today than what is seen in the movie 2010. And then of course there's the fact that many of the companies mentioned in the movie such as Pan Am and even the Astrodome are no longer around.

The 2010 movie plot continues nine years after the events of 2001. The Russians and the Americans are forced to join forces and put together a joint mission to Jupiter to investigate the monolith and discover what went wrong in the original mission. However, when people start being visited by a ghostly Dave Bowman, one of the crew of the doomed Discovery One mission, it soon becomes clear that the monolith is getting ready to do something which will change the solar system forever.

2010 Roy Scheider

Clunky technology and Russian/U.S. Tensions aside, there are certainly some eerie moments of prescience. Remember just a few months ago when studies emerged that Europa may have enough oxygen to support life? News came out that in all the solar system, it's Europa that is most likely to support life. Well, that's not too different to what happens in 2010. In fact, at the time the news came out, bloggers everywhere were quoting the message sent by the monolith at the end of 2010: "All these planets are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landing there."

But creepily accurate/wildly inaccurate predictions aside, the movie isn't half bad. The 2010 movie gets a lot of flack for not being a Stanley Kubrick movie. And unlike its predecessor, it doesn't as closely follow the book. There are a lot of plot lines that are greatly simplified compared to Arthur C. Clarke's book. Not to mention the fact that in the book it's is the Chinese causing political tension. But we have to remember, 2001 was written at the same time as the movie, which was almost unprecedented. And while it lacks Kubrick's visual flair, it also lacks the trippy lights-and-sound end sequence, which I for one am grateful for. It has a solid cast, with Roy Scheider taking over the role of Dr. Heywood Floyd, as well as fantastic acting from a young John Lithgow and Helen Mirren. Sure it's as dated as anything, and it's fairly predictable in the way that Russian-U.S. tensions are resolved, but it's a fun movie nonetheless!

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