More Hobbit Rumours

With still no director attached (here’s hoping we can get Mr. Jackson back in the chair!) rumours of a January start-date abound. Despite last week’s indications that Martin Freeman would be unable to commit to the grueling filming schedule for The Hobbit (due to his prior commitment to a second series of Sherlock) things are beginning to look like there could be some sort of compromise. Hopefully this is the case because we at IGP certainly think he’d be fantastic as Bilbo Baggins. Rumours are also floating around that the ending of The Hobbit has been changed to include a much more proactive (read: conscious) Bilbo in the final battle sequence. Of course, so much of this is conjecture right now but it seems that even Sir Ian McKellan is appearing more optimistic about the proposed January shoot date, which we certainly hope is the case because honestly, who would you rather see play Gandalf?