True Blood Episode Guide: Season Three

Episode One: Bad Blood (7.5)

Aired: 13/06/2010
As with the previous season opener, True Blood season three kicks off directly after the events in the second season finale. Bill has apparently been kidnapped and Sookie desperately seeks out help from the cops, and then Eric (who is surprisingly not involved in Bill’s current predicament). Meanwhile, Lafayette is left to take care of a stricken Tara who is reeling from Eggs’ murder.

Best Moment: I thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s reaction to his almost erotic dream of Bill, courtesy of having drunk from Bill. I also enjoyed the scenes with poor, misunderstood Jessica as she tries in vain to turn the guy she just murdered into another vamp.

Verdict: A nice start to the season, although, perhaps I’ve had enough of Twilight, I dunno, but I find myself rolling my eyes at the thought of werewolves now coming out of the woodwork. The scenes with Tara are pretty dark. I’m hoping the girl will find a little peace this season, she’s been put the wringer enough. That was an interesting scene between the Queen and Eric as they try to play innocent to the magister about the vamp-supplied V that’s hitting the street. Not sure how Eric will make it out of this one when the Queen is clearly prepared to take him down with her. Poor Jessica. After giving in to her vampiric tendencies she’s left with a body to dispose of. With Bill determined not to let her feed off humans, he seems to have forgotten to teach her a few vampire skills, like, oh say, communicating with the one that sired you! As for Jason, surely the truth will eventually come out (most likely with him drunkenly admitting that he shot Eggs), although how that will be dealt with, I’m not certain.

Episode Two: Beautifully Broken (8.0)

Aired: 20/06/2010
While the first episode tied up some of the loose ends from the previous season, this second episode of True Blood starts to bring in new storylines. Bill discovers that he was captured by werewolves in the employ of the King of Mississippi who wants Bill in order to gain power in Louisiana. Sam finally meets his birth parents. Sookie finds herself stalked by Nazi werewolves and a seemingly lovesick Eric. Meanwhile, a mysterious new vampire rolls into town with a keen interest in Sookie and also in Tara.

Best Moment: Probably when Sookie does her impression of Bill walking in calling her name “Sookie!” I love it when shows can make fun of themselves like that. That favourite moment is closely followed by Bill setting Lorena on fire- I doubt it killed her, but she was certainly asking for it.

Verdict: An improvement over the previous episode. This episode got us into the nitty gritty of what the season will be about. Seeing Nazi vampires and werewolves were cool, though perhaps not quite as cool as the scene in Angel when Spike explains that he isn’t a Nazi, he just ate one. There are plenty of questions in this episode. What is this mysterious file on Sookie? For that matter, who’s this new vampire in town? Is the King of Mississippi right? Does the Queen really have plans for Bill and that’s why she lets him reside in Bon Temp and date Sookie? As for Tara, that was some telling stuff with Lafayette taking her to see his own mother, who is in a mental institution. It certainly adds another dimension to Lafayette. I had hoped that this scene would help pull Tara out of the worst of it, but this new vampire seems ready to suck her down again. And what about Sam? Am I the only one who noticed that his new brother became a Pit Bull? Given the reputation that Pit Bull’s have due to bad owners, that had to have been intentional. If so, this surely spells trouble for Sam. And now Jessica’s body disappeared. We know the body was too far gone for her to turn him, so somebody cleaned up after her, but who? Pam, maybe? It seems a little out of character but you never can tell with this show!

Episode Three: It Hurts Me Too (7.0)

Aired: 27/06/2010
Eric has a werewolf friend help Sookie as she goes off to Mississippi to rescue Bill. Bill meanwhile finds himself tormented by his past, in particular, Lorena who survived his last bit of pyromania mostly unscathed.

Best Moment: What can I say, I like my Eric scenes, and the scene where he hands Lafayette his little present/incentive was hilarious. Also thought the scene with Jessica calling Pam (at a most inopportune time!) was pretty funny. The scene between Tara and Sookie at the funeral was touching and reinforced their friendship which on occasion, has languished in previous seasons of True Blood.

Verdict: Overall, a decent, interesting episode. There’s a lot of different story threads going on. Bill is forced into swearing loyalty to the King of Mississippi to protect Sookie, making him further enslaved to Lorena. Sookie is off searching for him and almost getting herself in trouble again, this time with a bunch of angry, biker werewolves. Then you have Tara yet again falling under the spell of a non-human and letting him into Sookie’s house. And lets not forget Sam and his crazy family who try and rob him because he refused to serve his underage brother, and Arlene who is apparently pregnant with Rene’s child. Remember Rene? The serial killer from season one? And just who is Franklin and what is his interest in Bill and Sookie? One thing’s for sure, this season of True Blood has a lot more threads than usual to tie together.

Episode Four: 9 Crimes (7.5)

Aired: 11/07/2010
Bill calls Sookie and breaks up with her to prove his commitment to his new King. Sookie meanwhile senses something is up and convinces Alcide to go with her and infiltrate a Nazi-Were party in which his ex, who is addicted to V, will be initiated into the gang.

Best Moment: I got a chuckle when poor Arlene complains about being the only waitress that shows up for work. She’s got a point there! Then I really got a chuckle when Sam does something about it by hiring Jessica and Arlene then complains that Merlott should only have one red-headed waitress.

Verdict: Another interesting episode of True Blood as the plot begins to thicken. We still have to learn more about the mysterious Franklin except that he is under the King’s employ, and he apparently has a bit of an obsession with Tara. As for Bill, he’s gone and put his Queen and Sheriff in the deep end by tattlling about their selling V. Of course, Eric has retaliated by telling the Magister that it was in fact Bill that was selling the V. No doubt at some point the Queen is going to be dragged into the investigation and things will not be pretty. I’m curious to see Lorena’s reaction when she realises that Bill has been bargaining with the King to have her killed. Then of course we have the Nazi Werewolves. I’m not really crazy about this part of the story. I guess I’m a little over the whole werewolf versus vampire thing. Let’s just say I’m really, really hoping that Sookie doesn’t hook up with Alcide. It’s just too cliché. Despite my lack of interest in the werewolf angle though, I am curious to see where the story goes.

Episode Five: Trouble (7.5)

Aired: 18/07/2010
In search of Bill, Eric meets with King Russell and discovers some unexpected truths about the king. Tara is being prepped to be psycho Franklin’s new vampire bride unless she can somehow get free and Bill meanwhile unwittingly leads the King straight to Sookie.

Best Moment: You gotta love the Tara/Franklin scenes. The guy is completely off his rocker… and a vampire. Not a good combination! I also enjoyed the scene in which Jessica decides to use her vampire-hypnosis trick to get customers to not tip Arlene after Arlene is mean to her.

Verdict: Things are heating up and quite unexpectedly too. First there’s the revelation that Russell killed Eric’s mortal family. Can’t wait for that confrontation! Then there’s the whole Franklin being a complete nut job. Absolutely loved when Tara tried the “we need to talk” speech with him. Poor Tara. Assuming that she makes it out of this not being turned into the undead, hope the writers go a little easier on her next season. Speaking of going easier, Lafayette seems to be finally getting some attention. We’ve been seeing a lot of different sides to his character in this season of True Blood which is nice. Jesus is either really into him (waiting nine hours while he worked) or evil. He doesn’t seem evil, but in Bon Temps, the latter does seem to be more common. Sam’s story is still building up with his birth parents. I hope they finally tell us what is up with them because it does seem as though they’re dragging it out. And then there’s Jason. It was funny to see him play cop but I kinda miss the previous season where he was going all church-commando. Hopefully this Crystal character will give us something interesting. And of course, finally, there’s the return of Sookie’s electric powers. I’d almost forgotten about it to tell the truth. No doubt this will make King Russell even more determined to get his hands on her.

Episode Six: I got a Right to Sing the Blues (7.5)

Aired: 25/07/2010
Sookie finds herself in trouble as she is taken prisoner by King Russell, and Bill is not on the King’s good list anymore. In fact, the King has ordered Lorena to kill the vampire she sired. Meanwhile, Sam uncovers the secret that his birth family have been trying so hard to hide.

Best Moment: You gotta love an empowering moment like Tara clubbing her captor over the head. I’m also still really enjoying the scenes between Arlene and Jessica. Also loved seeing the Queen playing the lotto in order to clear her debts.

Verdict: A decent episode overall. As much as I cheered for Tara trying to make her escape though, it seems plainly obvious to me that creepy Franklin is not dead. The producers have made it clear what a dead vampire looks like on True Blood, and that is not how they look! So now we know what Sam’s birth family have been hiding. It certainly is one twisted up family! Though one wonders… why dog fighting? Why not greyhound races or something? Loved the scenes with Eric and the Queen, that was cool to see what with the fact that she was setting him up to take the fall. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down between him and Russell! Poor Lafayette ends up brokenhearted when Jesus discovers his real line of work. Still, something tells me that this won’t be the last we see of him. And then we come to poor old Sookie. Despite being confronted with evidence that Bill has been keeping tabs on her she still risks her life to save Bill. Of course, Lorena won’t ever let Bill go without a fight…

Episode Seven: Hitting the Ground (8.0)

Aired: 01/08/2010
Sookie, Tara and Bill manage to finally escape Russell’s vamp-werewolf compound, with the help of Alcide but not without some major confrontations. Sam manages to rescue his brother from the dog fighting ring. Meanwhile, Eric is present at the happy marriage ceremony between a King and Queen.

Best Moment: Really enjoyed the ceremony between Russel and his reluctant bride which culminated in the beheading of the magister, no doubt to Pam’s delight. Also loved the scene with Jason trying to score Meth so he can give it to Crystal’s cousin who is in jail and the only one who can give him info on his latest love.

Verdict: Wow. This episode of True Blood was certainly about cleaning house. First we have Lorena dispatched of. I thought for sure this character would return to fight another day! Then we had Alcide kill the head werewolf Nazi. And of course, there was the magister’s sudden death, just because. Of course, with all this vampire death, it only serves to emphasize my point that Franklin is most certainly not dead, and this causes me a great deal of worry for Tara because Franklin’s tasted her, and he will be able to find her. That should be an interesting showdown when that happens! Another major mystery occurs in this story when we learn that the comatose Sookie has no blood type. How is this possible? This naturally gives rise to the question that Russell has been voicing all along: just what is Sookie Stackhouse? Sookie’s dream was a little on the silly side but it once again emphasized the fact that she shouldn’t trust Bill. Still, given everything we know about the two characters, I find it hard to believe that Bill is in any way treacherous, even if he had at one time been working for the Queen to keep an eye on Sookie. I’d forgotten all about Hadley being Sookie’s cousin! Whatever it is that Bill knows about Sookie, now that Hadley has told Eric, this can either be very good or very bad for her. Nice to see that Sam’s plan to rescue his brother worked out so well. When did he become so good at talking to animals? No doubt though this isn’t the last we’ll see of his birth-family. Going back to the vampires again, we get more hints as to the vampire hierarchy which includes a mysterious authority. With Russell killing the magister he has blatantly shown his disrespect to the vampire authority which will, hopefully, mean that we’ll actually see a confrontation between Russell and the authority.

Episode Eight: Night on the Sun (8.0)

Aired: 08/08/2010
As predicted, Russell goes after Sookie, along with a few Were’s including Alcide’s tramp ex, Debbie. Luckily, Eric has sent Hadley to warn her of the impending danger, while taking advantage of Russell’s departure to exact some revenge of his own.

Best Moment: You gotta love the chick fight between Sookie and Debbie. Go Sookie! It was also cool to see Bill finally teaching Jessica how to be a vampire, even if it was to protect Sookie. And of course, who wasn’t cheering when Eric staked Talbot, which will no doubt mean the beginning of a serious fight between him and Russell.

Verdict:Wow. Another shocking episode, with more vampires being killed. Okay, just the one, but it’s not so much Talbot’s death which is jaw dropping, more the thought of what is surely to come. So Sookie and Bill have finally reunited again. Meanwhile, Jessica is becoming more in touch with her vampire side, which was clearly evidenced by the scene with Hoyt driving by while she was feeding on one of the (now human) Weres, who is pleading for his life. Can’t these two kids just find a way to make things work? Speaking of people finding a way to make things work, Lafayette and Jesus are back together again, though I’m not sure how his mother will feel about that given what she’s said earlier. Still, they seem very cute together, which naturally makes me wonder what we don’t know about Jesus. Then of course there’s Jason. Finally, it seems there really is something weird about Crystal’s family. They appear to be something we have not yet seen before. Unfortunately, Crystal’s not being very forthcoming with information, and Jason’s not exactly the type to stop and think about things so no doubt he’s about to get into a lot of trouble with, well, whatever Crystal’s family are.

Episode Nine: Everything is Broken (8.5)

Aired: 15/08/2010
Having killed Russell’s dearest Talbot, Eric and Pam must lay low for a while. Unfortunately, Russell’s murder of the Magister has not gone unnoticed, and Eric finds an unwanted surprise at Fangtasia. Meanwhile, Bill is beginning to learn more about what Sookie really is and Sookie learns that she’s not the only one of her family with her ability.

Best Moment: Do I even need to stay it? How cool was it when Russell appears and kills a reporter (reporting on an upcoming vampire rights amendment, no less) on screen thus undoing everything the American Vampire League has done so far and essentially declaring war on the authority.

Verdict: Another very cool outing for True Blood. This episode got us more involved in the politics of the vampires. We even got a hint of who or what the authority is. Of course, it comes as no surprise that a)the authority are just as happy letting Eric do the messy job of disposing of Russell, and b)the American Vampire League do not practice what they preach. Of course, after Russell’s little broadcast, they can no longer sit back and do nothing and hope he goes away. And of course, who knows what this will mean for already strained human-vampire relations. Then we have Bill who has also managed to get into Sookie’s creepy little comatose world. What does this mean exactly? What is Sookie? I must admit, I find myself cringing at what they might come up with. And then there’s Franklin. I knew it! There’s no way Tara killed him. Unfortunately, I thought his return was pretty, well, lame. It was clearly tacked on to give her some closure and nothing else. Should’ve just let her kill him properly back at Russell’s manor. Of course, it also gave Jason the chance to be the hero which he seems to really enjoy. Too bad he’s trying to be a hero to Crystal, who is clearly a little nuts herself. I kinda wish they’d hurry up and get to the showdown with Crystal’s family and Jason (and Sam, perhaps?). Speaking of Sam, who else thinks that Sam’s brother and Crystal would make a better (and equally crazy) couple? Throughout the last couple of episodes we’ve begun to see a new face at Merlott’s, with the new waitress, Holly. Am I the only one who thinks that she’s evil? She’s wormed her way into both Tara and Arlene’s life. I’m starting to think maybe I was wrong about Jesus, and Holly is the new evil-but-not-yet-revealed-as-evil character on the show. Just three more episodes left for the season. Who knows what else the writers have in store!

Episode Ten: I Smell a Rat (7.0)

Aired: 22/08/2010

Eric is in hiding from a truly vengeful Russell who himself is busy morning the loss of Talbott, albeit in a psychotic way. Secrets are revealed as Jason finally tells Tara the truth about Eggs and Crystal comes clean about her and her clan. Meanwhile, Sookie finally learns what she is.

Best Moment: Jason’s reaction to finding out that Crystal was some kind of a werepanther was pretty hysterical. Also, who didn’t love when Jessica comes to Hoyt’s rescue when Tommy decided to take a chunk out of him!

Verdict: I was pretty surprised to see that the American Vampire League didn’t decide to give Eric the help he needs to kill Russell. I really thought Russell’s little stunt would get a bigger reaction, instead it caused the league to go into super-PR mode. Lots of interesting secrets revealed this episode, not least of them being Sookie’s ancestry. Unfortunately I can’t help rolling my eyes. Fairy? Really? I’m not too crazy about the direction that this story is headed. Conversely we have Sam’s back story finally being revealed. Turns out he wasn’t quite as nice as he always made out to be. As predicted, little brother Tommy is just no good for him and Sam is coming undone. Not sure what to make of Lafayette’s trippier-than-usual V-trip. But clearly it’s more than just the V at work here and I’m still not sure I’m trusting Jesus. As for Crystal’s revelation, no big surprise there. Unfortunately, I’m still not crazy about her storyline either. Eric spends too much of the episode making plans to lay low. As if anyone believes that he would actually do that. And I certainly don’t think he plans on handing Sookie over to Russell either! Although filled with revelations this episode just didn’t pack the same punch as previous episodes.

Episode Eleven: Fresh Blood 8.0

Aired: 29/08/2010

Eric reveals his plan to make toast out of the King of Mississippi, a plan that will take his life as well.

Best Moment: Great moment when you realise that Eric’s plan isn’t just to fry Russell but also himself. Also loved and have been loving Arlene’s whole storyline with the baby and the Wiccan ritual that just doesn’t quite take. Will Rene’s little spawn really be a Rosemary’s Baby type tale? Well, it is Bon Temps after all!

Verdict: A decent enough penultimate episode though I’m still not sure that Eric’s plan was the only way the plan could go. For one thing, why couldn’t he just secure Russell outside with silver? Still, there you go, he’s left himself out there to burn as well. I somehow doubt that the True Blood writers will be getting rid of a great character like Eric Northman just yet though, it’s just a matter of who will come to his rescue. Meanwhile Sam has managed to offend half the town in a drunken scene. He’s kicked his little brother out, but it’s too little too late as Tommy seems to have done more than enough damage, not to mention he’s gone and cleaned out Sam’s safe. However Sam’s too busy getting it on with Tara. It’s been awhile since those two characters were together. Of course, they never seemed to become more than a little brief comfort from reality, and it’s doubtful that tonight is any different. Jason finds himself up against the DEA as he promises to help Crystal’s clan. Sadly, I’m just still not that interested in this particular storyline. Hopefully next season will give us some better Jason stories. Ultimately this episode goes to Russell and Eric, though I have a feeling that the season’s royal villain is not yet done with Sookie & Co.

Episode Twelve: Evil is Going On (8.0)

Aired: 12/09/2010

Sookie discovers Eric’s plan and goes to his rescue. Meanwhile Sam realises that his brother has cleaned him out and Jason decides to help Crystal’s family.

Best Moment: Personally I loved Hoyt’s mother and his Ex with their little intervention, even if all it did was drive him closer to Jessica. Those two look so cute together, you just know something bad’s gonna happen, particularly with his mother buying a gun! Also enjoyed the interaction between Sookie and an extra-crispy Russell.

Verdict: An enjoyable episode but it just didn’t feel quite on par with what had been promised earlier in the season. Rather than killing Russell we see Sookie rescue both Eric and Russell only to later find a different way of getting rid of the character. Was burying him in cement ingenious? Perhaps. But mostly it felt like a way to drag out his demise and a way to keep Russell in the writers proverbial back pocket. A stake to the heart would still have been way more efficient. The episode did take quite a few turns and planted plenty of seeds for next season. For one thing we have Jason left to take care of what’s left of Crystal’s clan. It could be an interesting plot line, but I still feel like it was forced. Surely Crystal could have found a way to contact Jason while he fiance was asleep or high on V, so she could get away! Sam’s turn from nice guy to murderer has certainly been a bizarre change. Of course, the writers have kept us hanging about whether or not he actually killed little brother Tommy, but one things’ for sure, this is something that the character can likely never come back from. Speaking of never coming back, after spending the night with Sam and learning about his supernatural heritage Tara has decided that she’s leaving and never coming back as well. Bill revealed his truly devious ways by attempting to get rid of Eric and the Queen. Of course, it worked out disastrously with the former, resulting in Eric revealing certain information that Bill would rather have kept secret and the latter, well, we’ll have to wait and see next season. The scene that people will probably be most talking about is Sookie’s running away with the faeries. Still not crazy about this plotline, but with witches and magic playing a strong role next season, it seems clear that the faeries are here to stay!