Dragon Age: Redemption

If you’ve been following Felicia Day on Twitter you probably know that she’s had a “mystery project” in the works for many months now, that will be a follow up to her smash hit web series, The Guild. Last Tuesday, Day finally revealed that her secret project will be none other than a webseries based on the hit Bioware game(s) Dragon Age. The six episode series, titled Dragon Age: Redemption, will follow Tallis (played by Felicia Day), an Elf and an assasin, on the hunt for a magician in Ferelden.

Day, who also served as writer on the project has teamed up with Bioware creators as well as a slew of Hollywood pros such as Pan’s Labyrinth’s Doug Jones. Although, release dates are yet to be revealed, check out the teaser which premiered yesterday on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

In the mean time, DA fans can check out a demo of Dragon Age 2 on Feb 22 prior to the actual game release on March 8th!!