9 Things from Battlestar Galactica that Exosquad did First

Battlestar Galactica (the re-imagined version) was a gritty, re-make of the 70s scifi classic series in which the last surviving members of the human race are fleeing across the galaxy, in search of Earth, while being pursued by the Cylons, a race of machines bent on eradicating humanity. The remake was often compared to the original series, but in actuality, it is far more comparable to the 1993 cartoon, Exosquad. The cartoon followed the adventures of Able Squad, a squad of elite E-frame pilots who are attempting to take back Earth from the evil Neosapiens. Although it was a cartoon, Exosquad was a show that could be enjoyed by both young and older audiences, with its mature themes about war and prejudice and story arcs which were previously unheard of outside of anime. On the surface, these shows couldn’t be more different, but in fact, they are surprisingly similar.

Human Creations: Although the 1970s Cylons were actually created by a reptilian race (also called Cylons), the remake eschewed this idea in favour of making the Cylons creations of the human colonies, that eventually turn against them. In the same way, the Neosapiens were genetically created by the humans on Earth as slaves.

Battlestar Galactica

Second Time’s the Charm: Both stories involve earlier uprisings against humans that aren’t depicted on screen. In the case of BSG, the Cylons left to colonize their own world and hadn’t been seen for forty years before they make their attack on the Colonies. In Exosquad, the Neosapiens didn’t fare so well during their first revolt over fifty years earlier. Their forces had been crushed and they were forbidden to carry weapons, or obtain rank in the military. That is,until Neosapien governor Phaeton decides to lead a second attack against Earth.

The First Step/Scar: Scar is the best Cylon raider in the fleet. Trust me, it’s true. Even if you had never heard of Scar before that episode. Scar is the ace of aces and Starbuck and Kat (the two best pilots on Galactica) must try to kill Scar. In the First Step, Thrax is the best pilot in the Neo fleet and Kaz Takagi must try and take him out. Like BSG, this is the first audience’s have heard of Thrax. Unlike BSG, Thrax ends up playing a much bigger role in ExoSquad, and this one episode offers compelling proof that ExoSquad was a much better written show than BSG.
Clones that Kill: Though it’s never properly explained, the humanoid Cylons are clones that may not even realise they are Cylons. Early on in the series, when Boomer discovers that she is a Cylon, her programming takes over and she ends up putting a bullet into Adama. In ExoSquad,
Alice Noretti, a member of Able Squad who was presumed dead, appears alive and safe. Trouble is, it’s not Noretti at all, but a clone programmed to kill Admiral Winfield.

Clones: Yes, clones appears on here twice. It’s not a typo. You see, in ExoSquad, NeoSapiens are able to clone themselves. Phaeton spends a lot of time cloning himself and his general. If you killed one Phaeton, there would be another one to take his place. Years later, BSG would use a similar idea with the humanoid Cylons being clones. When one died, another one would wake up on the resurrection ship, very often having the same memories as the one who died.
Battlestar Galactica Six
Humans & Cylons/Neosapiens Team Up: In Night of the Traitor, splinters in the Neomegas decide to team up with the humans to stop Phaeton and end the war. BSG does the same thing during the Cylon civil war as the Cylon ideology tears the group apart. Some want to seek out the humanoid Cylons still in the Galactica fleet and others want to eradicate the fleet including the humanoid Cylons.

Scientists with Questionable Loyalty: In many ways, Gaius Baltar is in a league of his own, having sold out the entire human race just because he was boinking a hot chick, and continuing to sell out, in order to save his own skin. Between what he did to the Colonies and his actions on New Caprica, he is the biggest mass murderer in television history. Of course, Professor Algernon on Exosquad also happily collaborated with the Neosapiens. His GRAF shield would have destroyed the entire human fleet, and all hope for humanity, had he not switched sides. He didn’t do nearly as much damage as Baltar, but his motivations for switching side are at the very least questionable.
Frenemies: Both shows feature a character from the enemy race who fights on the side of the humans. In ExoSquad, this was Marsala, a Neosapien who serves on ExoFleet. In BSG, we had Athena, a Cylon who is aware of her true nature but falls in love with Helo and sides with the human fleet. Both crew members are mistrusted for their past deeds: Marsala, because he had once been a leader in the previous Neosapien revolt, and Athena, because of everything her copy, Boomer, had done.

The Birds and the Bees: Both Neosapiens and Cylons are incapable of sexual reproduction, this was addressed in the final episode, when a final batch of Neo Sapiens were created with the ability to reproduce. With the Cylons, they realised that the only way for the Cylon race to continue was to reproduce through the humans, the very people they had been trying to destroy.