Buffy Fans Congregate at ECCC Buffy Panel

Xander Buffy ECCC
It took awhile for the organizers to fit all the Buffy fans into room 4A, despite the fact that this room was at least twice as big as the main panel room last year. Which meant that the panel started nearly 20 minutes late. After an introduction from the producers of Seattle Geekly (who would also be moderating the panel), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), James Marsters (Spike) and Clare Kramer (Glory) finally came on stage.

The moderators began by asking what the casts favourite and/or least favourites parts were about working on Buffy. James Marsters replied that his least favourite moment of working on Buffy was bleaching his hair every episode. Apparently, the idea on Buffy was that vampire’s hair didn’t grow, ergo, it shouldn’t show any roots. Nicholas Brendan’s least favourite thing was working on the season four episode, Beer Bad, a universally despised episode. Both Marsters and Kramer said that they most enjoyed doing the fight scenes.

The cast were also asked what projects they were currently working on. Clare Kramer talked a little about a new movie coming out soon called The Dead Ones. She also has a directing project in the works, although she explained that it was too soon to talk about it. James Marsters, who was playing a concert later that night at the Hard Rock Cafe, talked a little about the projects he’s currently involved in such as Hawaii 5-0 and also getting the chance to do the voice for Lex Luthor in the DC Universe Online video game. When asked whether he had been contacted for the upcoming season of Torchwood, Marsters said that he had not, but expressed interest in doing more in the Torchwood universe as he appreciated the anti-establishment idea of having a homosexual (or omnisexual) as the main character and hero of the show. Surprisingly, there were no other Torchwood questions, which is a shame, since this reporter wanted to know who James Marsters thought was the better kisser, SMG or Captain Jack. Nicholas Brendon talked about his new web comic, titled Very Bad Koalas.
The moderators pointed out that Clare Kramer was the original bad blond girl in the red dress, and asked if she got to keep the dress, but unfortunately the dress was sold on eBay.

Nicholas Brendon related a story about having fallen out of his shower, and thus now only taking baths. Of course, the most laughter came when he suggested him and James getting in a bathtub together.

When asked if they follow the Buffy comics it seemed that none of the cast actually read them, although Nicholas Brendan says that he keeps up with them through the fans. He also said that he had heard about a certain storyline involving Xander and Dawn and expressed a little ickyness at the thought, as he still sees Michelle Trachtenberg as a 14 year old.

The actors all talked about never knowing what was coming up in the scripts. Clare Kramer mentioned discovering she was a god only after reading it in the script, while Nicholas Brendan related a similar story about Xander losing his eye.

When asked what their favourite season of Buffy was, Clare Kramer naturally responded with season 5, as did James Marsters. Nicholas Brendon picked season one, because it was such a new and “magical” time for him, Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar.
One questioner asked about how Nicholas Brendan felt about Xander’s character being the damsel-in-distress of the show, but James Marsters explained that in fact Xander is Joss, or at least, how Joss Whedon sees himself.

An audience member asked James Marsters to perform the song “Rest in Peace from Once More with Feeling. He began to sing a line or two, but pretty much admitted that he doesn’t know the song. Too bad. However, for those that want to hear Marsters’ other music, his music is now available on iTunes.

Another interesting question was directed at Nicholas Brendon asking if there was any truth to rumours that it was supposed to be Xander that was going to be gay, but Brendan seemed unaware of this particular rumour, stating what has been said before, that it was always supposed to be Willow.

Unfortunately, the panel ended early. It was time for the Buffy cast to leave and make way for The Shat.