Stormtroopers Invade the Pacific Science Center!

Okay, that’s not entirely true, but this Seattle museum is playing host to a Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibit that is definitely worth checking out.

The exhibit offers a wide range of props on display, from Luke’s landspeeder in Episode IV to models of the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, to Darth Vader’s costume.

The exhibit cunningly combines cool movie props with real world science technology and is divided into three sections: getting around, robots and people, and adapting to the environment.

In “getting around” we get to see all kinds of model ships from the movies, such as the aforementioned landspeeder, a Corellian Corvette and a Star Destroyer (the model of the Star Destroyer, interestingly, is considerably smaller than the Corvette, contrary to what’s actually seen on screen). You’ll also get a chance to play around with real world technology, learning how to build a craft that hovers, like Luke’s landspeeder, using magnets.

In the “robots and people” section, you’ll find on display a life size R2-D2, as well as Imperial Walkers and the Interrogation Droid. You also get a chance to build your own robot as well as try and control a robotic pair of legs.

In the “people and adapting to the environment” section you’ll get to see how characters used technology for each of the various environments depicted in the movies, such as the arctic environs of Hoth and the desert life on Tatooine.

But, again, don’t let all this learning fool you. There’s plenty of Star Wars goodies for your inner child to geek out over. There’s a large collection of Star Wars weaponry, such as lighsabers or Han’s blaster. However, the quote used with the blaster is oddly sanitized. I guess someone decided the words “hokey religions” might be offensive? Hope we won’t see this become a new revision in the Star Wars trilogy!

Millennium Falcon
There’s plenty of costumes to check out such as the Chewbacca costume, Han’s costume, and Queen Amidala’s costume- which one lady mistakenly told her kid was Leia’s costume. I had to refrain from correcting her like the nitpicky geek I am. Don’t worry though, Leia’s costume is also on display, next to Artoo and Threepio.

Elsewhere in the museum, you can get the chance to sit inside a life-size recreation of the cockpit from the Millennium Falcon. Along with an introduction from Anthony Daniels, you’ll get to see stars streaking past you and view images from Hubble. However, fair warning, this is a particularly popular exhibit at the museum, so you may want to book ahead!

The Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Exhibit runs until May 8th 2011. Check out the Pacific Science Center for more information.