Ten Most Evil Corporations in Science Fiction

MNU Logo 2

If District 9 showed us one thing, it’s that there’s big business in evil. Or evil is big business, not really sure. Anyway, if you thought the company you worked for is bad, check out these evil corporations.


Multi-National United

MNU is an international company and a leader in researching and adapting alien technology from the spaceship over Johannesburg. MNU’s vast field of expertise includes mining, nanotechnology, health care and private security forces.
MNU suffered significant PR damage after a former employee who had become infected with some sort of alien virus broke out of MNU’s quarantine facilities. Later, said employee and an alien companion broke back into MNU and stole valuable alien weapons technology. Rumour has it that MNU were conducting experiments on both humans and aliens.


Weyland-Yutani Corporation

Weyland-Yutani, or known more commonly by its employees as simply “The Company” is the leading corporation in interstellar commerce. Weyland-Yutani primarily focuses on planetary colonization and terraforming with their slogan “building better worlds” however they also have interests in bioweapons technology.
Weyland-Yutani has had a spotted history with reports over the years ranging from violating Earth quarantine protocols to blatant disregard of employee safety.

ocp lOGO


Omni Consumer Products

OCP is involved in a variety of different areaS of business and commerce including space exploration, prisons and military hardware.
A mega corporation like OCP is not without its naysayers. In particular concerns have arisen over questionable tactics with their privatized cyborg law enforcement program for Delta City.



LexCorp, named for CEO Lex Luthor has interests in a variety of fields, including finance, the newspaper industry and aerospace engineering.

LexCorp is another company with a spotted past, primarily due to the spotty history of founder, Lex Luthor. Accusations regarding Lex Luthor range from clone harvesting to an interest in Kryptonite bordering on obsession.


Wolfram & Hart

Wolfram & Hart is an international law firm with departments specializing in the entertainment business, science and real estate.
Like a lot of companies on this list, Wolfram & Hart is not without accusations of corruption. That said Wolfram & Hart seems to be an excellent company to work for. We have yet to find a former employee with anything bad to say about the company.

Unbrella Corp Logo


Umbrella Corp

Umbrella Corp specializes in a number of areas including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware and bio-engineering.
Umbrella Corp has been under great scrutiny after an incident in which a virus known as the T-Virus was spread. Accusations have appeared suggesting that Umbrella Corp tried to cover up their involvement and even go so far as to blame the whole incident on the government. Although the case did go to court, no conviction was ever made.


Roxxon Energy Corporation

Roxxon Energy Corporation is an oil company and wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kronas Corporation.
Many accusations have arisen over the years regarding Roxxon’s business practices suggesting that there were illegal activities. Former Roxxon head Hugh Jones has even been arrested several times though he has never been convicted.

Tyrell Corp Logo


Tyrell Corporation

The Tyrell Corporation is a Los Angeles-based bio tech company which produces androids.
Questions have recently arisen regarding the company’s insistence on building human, life-like androids with just a four year life span spent working as, what has been argued by some, slaves.


Soylent Corporation

The Soylent Corporation is the maker of the nutritious Soylent food products, Soylent Red, Soylent Blue, Soylent Yellow, and most recently Soylent Green.
The company has been going through a PR crisis following rumours regarding what is contained in Soylent Green, a product that the corporation states is made from plankton. One of the most absurd rumours is that Soylent Green is not plankton but is in fact people.



This multi-billion dollar business specializes in a number of different areas to include telecommunications and the gourmet coffee industry.

Virtucon suffered a recent setback after losing the company’s vice-president in an incident that is rumoured to be connected to the surprise return of the company president, Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil, as many readers may remember has not been seen since the sixties.