Hanging with The Guild at ECCC

The first panel on the second day of ECCC was devoted to The Guild, an internet web phenomenom that is getting ready to enter its fifth season. Stars Felicia Day (Codex) and Amy Okuda (Tinkerbella) and guest star Wil Wheaton (Fawkes) were on hand for questions.

When asked about season five, Felicia Day did confirm that she is currently writing season 5, and that Codex and the gang will be headed to a convention. Since The Guild’s success has been mainly through word of mouth, Day is excited to actually draw upon her convention knowledge.

Felicia also revealed that the latest Guild comic will feature Tink, and will be released on March 16th. As with the other Guild comics, the comic will be provide a back story to Tink and act as a prequel. At the con, TFAW were offering free posters signed by artist Ron Channing at their booth. When asked if there would be more Guild comics beyond the actual prequels, Day stated that currently there are no plans to do any more comics although it is a medium that she would be interested in doing more in.

One questioner asked Day if there was a comic book character that she was attracted to, who would it be. Felicia replied (which if you follow @WilW you probably heard already) that it is Dick Grayson as Nightwing.

Of course, Felicia Day is also best known for her work on Joss Whedon projects like Dollhouse, Buffy and Dr. Horrible. So naturally she was asked whether she knew anything about a Dr. Horrible sequel. Day was quick to point out however, that Joss Whedon is currently busy on a small project called The Avengers, and is currently a little too busy to work on it right now.

When one questioner asked Felicia Day about whether she felt pigeonholed as a genre actress, Felicia, ever the geek, revealed that this year she had told her agent not to submit her for any pilots that weren’t scifi/fantasy, since that is a genre that she enjoys and in which other people enjoy what she does.

When asked how Felicia felt about guys who question the validity about girls who play video games. Day replied that she would prefer to “lead by example” and break stereotypes by doing it (gaming) versus “by preaching” about it. Conversely, Wil Wheaton jumped in to say that mainly he felt as though the motto for guys should be “don’t be a dick” and “stop acting like you’re 12 years old when you game with women.” Felicia Day was also asked how she would respond to the question “are you really a girl” when gaming on WoW. she revealed that her favourite response is simply to ignore the question, but she joked that naother response would be: “well I was, pre-op.”

In regards to the gamer label itself, Amy Okuda told a story about getting booed at her first convention, BlizzCon, when she revealed that she didn’t play WoW. Apparently a couple of the gamers there didn’t realise that The Guild wasn’t a reality show. Wil Wheaton was quick to point out that everyone is quick to label gamers, but the truth is that you’re a gamer whether you play FPS, WoW, D&D or board games, so we probably should try and stop being haters.

Being a web series, the conversation inevitably came around to the idea of new media. Wil Wheaton discussed his feelings on the subject stating that he felt that “independent artists are more threatened than ever” nowadays, as old media companies, like Comcast, are trying to move in on new media and find ways to exploit it, particularly with the idea of a tiered Internet system. Wheaton described himself as a “tireless advocate for network neutrality” and urged fans of The Guild to get on the Internet and educate themselves on net neutrality.

And with that more serious note, our time was up, and we had to prepare for the next panel on the agenda: Fringe.