Dr Who Review: Day of the Moon

Dr Who Day of the Moon

Day of the Moon

Picking up three months after the events of the previous episode, Rory, River and Amy are on the run during a full-blown alien occupation.

Best Moment: Loved the very simple, yet clever, way that the Doctor chooses to defeat the Silence. There were also plenty of laugh out loud moments, like when the Doctor is trying to chew his way out of handcuffs. But the best line has surely got to be the Doctor telling President Nixon to say hi to David Frost.

Verdict: My mind is blown. What an insane episode. I admit, I was disappointed for the jump in time, but it did lead to some fantastically grand shots of the U.S. And how creepy is the Silence? Not just the fact that you will forget about them after you see them meaning they could be anywhere, but also the fact that they have been on Earth for thousands of years, literally shaping the course of history. I suspect that the Silence are far more formidable than that, and we haven’t seen the last of them.

As for that crazy last couple of minutes. Hmm, what to say except…wow! Spoiler alert—> Show ▼

Speaking of the previous season, how about that nod to the Lodger. This is easily going to be the most complicated Doctor Who season yet. It’s clear that we won’t learn more about the mysterious little girl in the spacesuit until the end of the season, but just as long as we get some answers about River Song and soon!!