Dr Who Review: The Doctor’s Wife

The Doctor's Wife

The Doctor’s Wife

Rating: ★★★★½ 

After the Doctor receives a mysterious message he travels outside the universe to find the Timelord that sent the message, only to have the soul of the TARDIS deposited into… a woman.

Best Moment: Too many to list all of them. Loved it when the Doctor finds the little boxes and realises that he’s been lured to the planet by House. I enjoyed all of the interaction between Idris/TARDIS and the Doctor, but most especially their goodbye which ends with “hello.”

Verdict: What a beautiful, stand-alone episode. The episode reminded me of why I like Neil Gaiman’s writing so much. He takes a simple idea and manages to turn it into something fantastic. In this episode, he came up with the idea of having the Doctor’s one, true and constant companion reach out to him in human form. This is the perfect Who episode for someone new to the series as it requires no back story whatsoever. But at the same time, Gaiman, a longtime Whovian, has left joyous little tidbits throughout for fans. For instance, who didn’t get a chuckle out of the conversation about the push versus pull signage on the TARDIS door.

It was really fun to get to see more of the interior of the TARDIS, even if it was, for the most part, corridors. It was also really cool to see a a Tennant era control room. I, like many, would’ve loved to have seen a pre-2005 control room, but I’m sure there were budget restrictions. I can’t say enough how fantastic Suranne Jones was in this episode. She was easily able to match Smith’s manic energy. She reminded me a lot of a young Helena Bonham Carter and I look forward to seeing her take on other roles. Michael Sheen was the perfect kind of creepy for the role of House, the entity that takes control of the TARDIS, turning it into a haunted house for poor Rory and Amy. Yet again we had a Rory dying episode, which has been starting to irk me, but the fact that we know from the get go that House is messing with their heads makes it all the better and creepier. Speaking of Rory and Amy, I loved the line about the bunk beds. It comes as no surprise that Matt Smith’s Doctor thinks that bunk beds are “cool.” True, we didn’t get much more story arc from the episode (though I bet if we re-watch some of the stuff that Idris/TARDIS is spouting, there are more than a few clues) but that’s fine with me. Instead we got a Dr Who episode with, frankly, a lot of heart. Two of them, actually.