Finding District 9 in Alive in Joburg

Alive in Joburg
District 9 has been on IGP’s radar for some months now, ever since we heard about this Peter Jackson/Neill Blomkamp movie about aliens that land in South Africa. For those of you that are only just beginning to hear about this relatively small budget scifi movie and are wondering what it’s all about, check out the short film that District 9 is based on called Alive in Joburg.

Judging from the trailer to District 9, there’s a lot of Alive in Joburg in this movie. The aliens look very similar in design, if more high tech, with their squid like faces. The alien’s faces are strangely pixilated through much of the trailer as with the short movie.

The aliens are called Poleepkwa and are essentially stranded on Earth with dilapidated ships and no way to get home. The aliens live in ghettos where they struggle for basic needs such as food, water and medical attention. Interestingly, at least in Alive in Joburg and hopefully in District 9 too, the aliens have biohazard suits allowing them to lift heavy objects, seemingly with their minds.

Despite the fact that they don’t seem to have any way to defend themselves with their ships, I’m pretty certain that those biohazard suits will come in handy with the inevitable conflicts with the locals. Speaking of the locals, both movies seem to be using a lot of handheld, documentary style camera work, interviewing the locals who maintain that life was much better before they arrived.

However, the trailer seems to suggest that the angle will focus more on an evil corporation, MNU, who is controlling the situation with the Poleepkwa, to gain access to weapons, of course. Isn’t that what it always comes down to?

Basically, from what we’ve seen of the trailer and Alive in Joburg, the movie will have telekinesis, alien apartheid and evil corporations. What more could you ask of an original summer blockbuster?