NBC Passes on Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman NBC

Wonder Woman a No Go

Wonder Woman, which was perhaps one of the most anticipated pilots this season, has just been passed on by NBC, at this week’s up fronts, according to Deadline. The pilot has been somewhat controversial. There was, for one thing, a bit of an uproar in the fan community about the updated costume (although speaking as a girl, the woman needed trousers, this isn’t Sports Illustrated!). There is also the speculation that maybe the market is already just too flooded with superhero characters. But, considering this is Hollywood which has never met a sequel, prequel or remake it didn’t like, then that’s probably not it. Most likely, the answer is that it’s a risky project. And it is. NBC put everything they had into Heroes and The Cape, and both flopped, some sooner than others. And Wonder Woman is not exactly relateable. The real question right now is whether any other networks will try and pick up Wonder Woman.