Dr Who Review: A Good Man Goes to War

Dr Who A Good Man Goes to War Rory Arthur Darvill

A Good Man Goes to War

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Amy, held prisoner on a mysterious base, is about to give birth. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Rory are assembling an army to get her out.

Best Moment: Loved the brilliant if all too brief use of the Cybermen. But I think it was best left that way versus trotting them out as the bad guys of the week. Also loved that they actually revealed River’s identity and tied up a lot of loose ends before going on hiatus. I really enjoyed the Victorian Silurian, and would certainly like to see more with her. Would have also liked to have seen more Commander Strax, but that’s unlikely to happen. Loved Amy’s line about the baby crying because of the TARDIS noise. “I asked him to turn something off but it was all ‘but I don’t want to punch a hole in the space-time continuum’.”

Verdict: In many ways, I liked the episode. It gave us a lot of answers, albeit answers that many of us saw coming very early on. Spoilers Below!!! Show ▼

Either way, it was a decent first half of the series, and I honestly can’t wait until Autumn to see the rest!