Dr Who Review: The Almost People

Dr Who The Almost People Matt Smith

The Almost People

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Continuing from the The Rebel Flesh, there are now two Doctors running around while a group of gangers decide to take the fight to the humans.

Best Moment: The ending is an obvious choice. Also loved the Doctor’s use of “yowzer.” “That’s enough. Let it go.”

Verdict: Overall, up until the end, the episode pretty much played out as expected. Most of the human crew die. Jennifer creates herself another ganger to dupe poor Rory, who I was really hoping would be able to save the day this time. Then we have the Doctors switching places, thus duping Amy into revealing that she saw him die. The episode really soared with the idea of having two Doctors. I thought perhaps the ganger Doctor would join the other gangers, creating a difficult foe to beat, but the Doctor was always much smarter than that. And what a joy it is to see Matt Smith play these two characters, essentially the same, and yet not. But let’s face it, the episode was still fairly pedestrian if it wasn’t for the jaw-dropping reveal at the end. I can honestly say that in the weeks of speculation about Amy’s pregnancy/not-pregnancy, this was one theory that never crossed my mind. Spoiler!!Show ▼