Get a Free Copy of The Huntsman’s Tale

The Huntsman's Tale by Shiromi Arserio
Attention IGP readers! IGPNicki here, editor and primary writer at Inter-Galaxy Portal. By now, you guys are all very familiar with my reviews, rants etc Well, as it turns out, I am also a humble fiction writer. Naturally, I tend to write in the scifi/fantasy/horror genres.

I just published my first short story, The Huntsman’s Tale, as an ebook.

The Huntsman’s Tale is a dark fairytale about a huntsman who falls in love with a wicked queen.

So how do you get this little gem for free? Simply go to Smashwords and input the code FY28M at the checkout. This code is good until July 10th, so get it while you can. So check it out, and if you like it, buy it, rate it, and if you really like it, tell your friends about it. And, as always, thanks for supporting Inter-Galaxy Portal.