Torchwood Miracle Day: Escape to LA

Torchwood Miracle Day Escape to LA Gwen

Torchwood Miracle Day: Escape to LA

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Jack, Gwen, Esther and Rex set up shop in LA nearby Phi-Corp headquarters. Meanwhile, a new tea party representative is stealing all the press from Oswald Danes and creating a movement to separate the people who should be dead, from the living.

Best Moment: Gwen putting on an American accent was pretty funny. I enjoyed all of the scenes between Gwen and Rhys, especially when she’s trying to convince Rhys that they’re staying in another dank hole, and not just minutes away from the beach.

Verdict: The plot certainly seems to be deepening. Phi-Corp is clearly more than just a pharmaceutical company, which I’m glad of, because I wasn’t crazy about that being the root of the story. The mission to break into Phi-Corp was fun but ultimately I enjoyed it better when I saw it in the Charlie’s Angels movie. Esther and Rex need to get their shit together to be honest. They hardly act like CIA agents. I expect it from Torchwood, but honestly. First, what did Esher expect when she called social services on her sister? Second, Rex is a hypocrite since he went to see his dad, which was clearly noted in his records. Third, the best time to have a shouting match about this probably isn’t in the middle of a mission that is going wrong. Just my two cents.

With a tea party activist stealing the limelight from Oswald, we saw another angle to the whole “no one can die” idea. It also gives Danes the perfect opportunity to come out smelling like roses as he becomes the saviour for those shafted people. Bill Pullman is continuing to hit all the right notes as Danes, and I’m still loving Kitzinger who made it clear that she truly loathes him, and he is nothing more than an assignment for her. It certainly makes you wonder though. If Phi-Corp is behind the interment camps for the not-dead (is undead politically correct?) but they want Danes, who has become a saviour for them…. It’s starting to seem like Phi-Corp’s overall strategy is a lot bigger than just miracle day.