Torchwood Miracle Day: Dead of Night

Torchwood Miracle Day Dead of Night

Torchwood Miracle Day: Dead of Night

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

On the run from the CIA, Jack, Gwen, Esther and Rex hole up trying to uncover who is behind “the miracle.”

Best Moment: Loved Jack’s reference to the TARDIS when they enter the warehouse and realise just how big it is.

Verdict: This episode certainly sped along at a much quicker space. We’re finally seeing the Torchwood characters really get involved in the mystery. We’re also finally seeing characters come together, with Oswald and Dr. Juarez meeting up with Jilly Kitzinger. On the other hand, if the miracle turns out to really be just a creation of a pharmaceutical company trying to make money, well, it seems rather disappointing. This is Torchwood after all. Where are the aliens? Also, the evil pharmaceutical company would only be making money in the short term until the competitors are able to catch up, so overall, it’s a poor plan. I’m still intrigued by this new Torchwood, and it’s early days yet, but I really hope that this isn’t a story about pharmaceutical companies.