Torchwood: Miracle Day Episode One Review

Torchwood Miracle Day Captain Jack Harkness Gwen Cooper

Torchwood: Miracle Day: Episode One

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Picking up just a year or so after Children of Earth left off, this new series Miracle Day done in collaboration with Starz is less a reboot than a continuation of the BBC series. The episode begins with the impending execution, via lethal injection, of Oswald Danes, a peodophile and murderer. Trouble is, the execution doesn’t go as planned when Oswald doesn’t die. And neither does anyone else on the entire planet.

Best Moment: Loved the chemistry (as always) between Rhys and Gwen. Also cool to see Rhys handling a weapon, looks like they’ve had to beef him up a bit, although Gwen will always be the badass of the family. Also loved the bit where Captain Jack reveals for the first time that he has cut himself. New audiences may have been a bit flummoxed but longtime viewers no doubt understood the implications, and, if they’re anything like me, already have theories.

Verdict: Honestly, it’s a tough call. The nitpicky part of me is confused. I got the distinct impression that no one in the CIA was aware that Torchwood is part of the overall Dr Who universe, you know, where aliens have already visited the Earth, a few times now. Also, Show ▼

There were PLENTY of eye rolling moments such as Gwen firing a weapon at a helicopter with one hand, while the other hold’s her infant child- don’t worry, the baby had earmuffs on to protect from the sound of the gunfire. Nevermind Gwen’s whole firing a rocket launcher at the helicopter which then tumbles inches over her head, and yet her hair is hardly ruffled. But then again, this is exactly what Torchwood is. Improbable, laughable situations in which the heroes are supposed to look badass but come off as a bit naff. Coupled with heavy doses of sexual encounters and weird aliens, and you have Torchwood in a nutshell. So far, it certainly is living up to its name in that regard.

I liked the ways in which they explored the idea of people never dying, with the guy who exploded and then had his head cut off. Not to mention the potential over population and food shortages that would occur. Suddenly neverending life ain’t so pleasant.

It’s still too soon to say whether a US crossover is well executed. I will say this. The introduction of the CIA has made the Torchwood scope seem smaller rather than bigger. I always felt in Torchwood when something was happening worldwide, as in Children of Earth, that we got a very planet Earth feel. But somehow, having the CIA bring the Torchwood characters to the US feels less wordly in scope. I fear, though it’s too soon to say, that the story will become far too US centric, and thus become like every other US show about aliens. Only time will tell.