Torchwood Miracle Day: Rendition Review

Torchwood Miracle Day Rendition

Torchwood Miracle Day: Rendition

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

CIA prisoners, Jack and Gwen board a plane bound to Washington. Meanwhile, Dr. Juarez finds that the entire way doctors practice medicine needs to be rethought, and Rex and Esther finds themselves outed by their own people.

Best Moment: Must admit that I loved the bit where Gwen announces to Dichen Lachman’s Lynn that she is “Welsh.” As a Brit, I can appreciate that little bit of frustration. The scene with Lachman at the end was a little dorky but I loved the look the characters gave each other when they saw it. I can’t quite explain it, but there was a little of that Torchwood tongue-in-cheek, with that one shared look. Also, am thoroughly enjoying Bill Pullman’s performance as the super creepy Oswald Danes and the appearance of Jilly Kitzinger has left me very intrigued.

Verdict: Overall, the episode was very slow. Honestly, I realise from Heathrow to D.C. Is it probably six hours, but that felt like an actual six hour flight! I thought the scene where Gwen has to Macgyver up an antidote to the poison that Jack consumed was fun, but it went on for far too long. It kinda felt like the writers were looking for something for the Torchwood group to do. And really, that’s probably my biggest problem with the new series so far. Jack and Gwen are like guest stars on some other show. Without the hub, and good ol’ Cardiff, it doesn’t much feel like Torchwood. But there’s a lot of different threads to this story, and I’m sure they’ll come together in the end.

Overall, I’m still on the fence about this series. They’ve pulled together a great cast, and they continue to dig into the premise a bit more, with the idea of the human body becoming a petri dish for bacteria. We’re starting to get a little of the gay humour that Torchwood is also known for. But, again, I don’t know how well things are coming together. It’s certainly hard to judge from an episode where much felt a little like filler. I guess we shall see…