Dr Who Review: Let’s Kill Hitler

Doctor Who Let's Kill Hitler

Dr Who Review: Let’s Kill Hitler

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

The Doctor, Amy, Rory & an old friend of Amy’s travel back in time to Berlin, 1938. Meanwhile, time travellers are also visiting Nazi Germany to punish Hitler for his war crimes.

Best Moment: I loved the switcheroo with the banana etc as River attempts to kill the Doctor.

Verdict: Gosh I missed Dr Who. It’s especially apparent having just watched Torchwood. This was a fun episode. I loved that Show ▼

How head spinning, timey-wimey is that! It borders on Terminator territory.

Sure Mel annoyed me a little at first. And it would’ve been more interesting if this wasn’t the first time that we’d ever heard about Mel, but it was still a fun twist. As for River trying to kill the Doctor- this marks the second opener where the Doctor dies. I’d roll my eyes, but since we already know that the Doctor doesn’t actually die until 2011 it was more interesting to see how this plays out. Two important things we see Show ▼

Certainly, the Doctor seemed none too surprised, and this will pave the way for the Doctor’s 2011 death.

Things I had trouble with in the episode was that the whole Hitler scenario, while being a nice backdrop, had little to do with the story. However, it did produce a lot of nice jokes such as the one about the banging sound which is Hitler in the cupboard. The other bigger issue continues to be River’s relationship with the Doctor in comparison to her relationship with Rory and Amy. She continues to be obsessed with the Doctor and take little interest in her parents. Aside from one brief scene with Rory in When a Good Man Goes to War, we see little of River’s feelings towards her parents. This could partly be explained because she was raised by her kidnappers and brainwashed to kill the Doctor. But I am hoping that we’ll see some scenes with a bit more emotional weight between Amy, Rory and River.

Overall though, this was a fantastic start, and I can’t wait to see how the story of River wraps up. What did you guys think?