Torchwood Miracle Day: Immortal Sins

Torchwood Miracle Day Immortal Sins Jack Harness

Torchwood Miracle Day: Immortal Sins

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Gwen kidnaps Jack in exchange for her family’s safe return. Meanwhile, we learn a little more about Jack’s past and how it might be connected to “the miracle.”

Best Moment: I pretty much loved all of the scenes between Gwen and Jack in the car. The two have so much history and chemistry together. For new viewers especially, it gave a little more insight into how torn Gwen is between Torchwood and her family. Oh, and who doesn’t love an appearance by DS9’s Major Kira AKA Nana Visitor.

Verdict: Overall, a decent episode. In some ways, the episode did little to drive the action forward. Most of the episode was either in flashbacks or takes place in a car. It could quite easily be considered another “filler” episode. On the other hand, there’s much to suggest that all of the stuff with PhiCorp, and Oswald Danes was in fact the background noise, and this episode is the first real episode with answers. It all depends on your perspective.

The flashbacks in this episode remind me a lot of Angel. So it of course came as no surprise to learn that Angelo and the mysterious three men (who form a pact that looks suspiciously like the PhiCorp logo) are the ones behind the miracle. I liked the chemistry between Jack and Angelo. I know there’s a lot of people that are getting annoyed that Jack is continuously being shown as homosexual versus the more accurate omnisexual in this series. I tend to agree, but I also thought the story with Angelo really did work, and it felt less like a gratuitous roll in the hay than the previous scenes between Jack & Bartender/Rex & Juarez.

In many ways, this episode should have come a lot earlier. Not just because I’ve been feeling like Miracle Day is overstaying its welcome, but also because it gave a lot more pertinent information to new viewers about Jack and his history. It gave a quasi-answer to the whole “Jack can’t die” story; it connected the Doctor to the Torchwood story- I personally loved that Jack was lonely and wanted his own companion; it gave us much-needed aliens; it told us more about Jack as a person- the smooth charmer who can lie easily, has an almost god-like complex from being unable to die, and a person who is capable of horrible things, like, oh say, sacrificing his own grandson. It also told us just what happens to the people who become connected with Jack through both Angelo and Gwen.

There’s probably a lot of people that are annoyed that it’s taken the seventh (of ten) episode to finally reveal the villain. I tend to agree. But I can also honestly say that I’m excited to see what happens next.