Torchwood Miracle Day: The Categories of Life

Torchwood Categories of Life Esther

Torchwood Miracle Day: The Categories of Life

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Gwen returns to Wales to go after her father who has been sent to one of the Phi-Corp facilities. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, the city is gearing up for a big Miracle Day rally. Dr Juarez joins the rest of Torchwood in LA and decides to go check out the the Phi-Corp camps in California.

Best Moment: There were a lot of nice little moments between characters such as between Jack and Esther, and also Jack and Rex. But the best moment probably has to go to the surprise turn of events at the end of the episode.

Verdict: Wow. Just wow. What an insane episode. Was not expecting that in the least. Show ▼

I’m not sure I was crazy about the scenes in Wales. On the one hand, I welcomed a return to Wales. On the other, it kinda felt like a very purposeful way of reminding audiences that “look, it’s still got a Welsh connection” without really doing much to further the plot.

I’m still enjoying the Oswald Danes storyline. I would’ve liked to have seen Jack’s plan work, but that was never going to be the case, although it’s interesting that Jack understand Danes better than anyone.

We had some theories about the mysterious modules and the truth wasn’t especially shocking. Of course, the way that writer Jane Espenson showed us how the module worked certainly more than made up for that.

Things are starting to feel more like Torchwood these days as the characters are becoming more proactive. However, I’m still not seeing enough of a supernatural/alien element to the story which is a little disappointing. But they have me curious to see how it all turns out, and also who will survive.