Torchwood Miracle Day: The End of the Road

Torchwood Miracle Day The End of the Road Rex Shapiro John de Lancie

Torchwood Miracle Day: The End of the Road

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Jack goes to meet his old lover, Angelo and try to learn more about the miracle. Meanwhile, Oswald Danes discovers that turning over a new leaf is harder than he had first thought.

Best Moment: I gotta admit, I loved the arrival of John de Lancie as Agent Shapiro, a man who can go toe-to-toe with Gwen and has probably the funniest Red Baron/Snoopy line directed at Jack.

Verdict: Overall, the show finally feels like it’s beginning to gel together. Of course, it’s taken most of the entire season to get there. I’m so glad that they let Angelo age. I must admit to being afraid that Angelo, Jack’s spurned lover, would be behind the whole thing. As it turns out, he isn’t, although he seemed to have known more than most about the upcoming miracle.

We did get some information about who really was behind the miracle, the three men (and their families) that we saw at Jacks’ bloodletting in the previous episode. (Is it still a bloodletting if the blood will be used to cure other people’s ailments?) Ever since they pledged to find a way to become immortal, the family has taken great pains to hide themselves from the world, completely erasing the family name. Of course, the episode revealed at least one highly placed family member and there may be another one hiding in plain sight. WebMonkey Rob pointed out that Costerdane, one of the three families, sounds an awful lot like Danes, as in Oswald Danes. Could this be why Phicorp has taken such a great interest in the convicted paedophile? Can’t say for sure, but it certainly sounds like it.

I liked that we got a little piece of alien technology this week. Sometimes I feel like this new series of Torchwood wants to forget it lives in a world where aliens are openly known to exist. It also means that the truth behind the miracle isn’t only centered around greedy corporations.

I was bummed to see Gwen leave again. It seems like every time they send Gwen back to Wales, they have to try and come up with a story for her that has little to do with the main story. Plus, she was such a great antagonist for Shapiro, it was a shame to see her go.

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And while I overall liked the touching moment where Jack gets to say goodbye to Angelo, it took a weird comic turn when he announces that nobody can die anymore. It didn’t seem right, even for Jack, and seemed disrespectful towards Angelo, a man that had been so devoted to Jack, he spent his life watching him from afar.

As for the closing scene of the episode…. quite frankly, I hate when a TV show ends in this way. Unless, perhaps we’re talking Lost. This is Torchwood. Captain Jack Harkness is hardly going to die and yet the episode ends as though we should be on the edge of our seats. I couldn’t help but rolling my eyes at that. Having said that, there’s plenty of other stuff to keep me coming back next week. We have the mysterious family of three, an Oswald Danes who has learned that his days are numbered, and Jilly Kitzinger has finally stepped over to the dark side. I can’t say that this is my favourite season of Torchwood, but I’m certainly going to keep watching. What were your thoughts about “The End of the Road?”