Torchwood Miracle Day: The Middlemen

Captain Jack Gwen Torchwood Miracle Day

Torchwood Miracle Day: The Middlemen

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Rex and Esther are stuck in the San Pedro facility trying to deal with the news about what the modules are being used for. Gwen makes a second attempt to break her father out, while Jack decides to follow a new lead at Phi-Corp.

Best Moment: I enjoyed the scenes with Ernie Hudson, particularly when Jack confronts him at dinner. I also liked the scenes between Gwen and Rhys. We need more of that!

Verdict: This was an odd episode. The main focus was clearly on Rex and Esther which plotwise is necessary because the characters are dealing with the demise of Dr. Juarez and trying to get out of a facility that’s under lockdown. On the other hand, no matter how much the writers tell us they are now Torchwood, as a regular viewer, I still don’t see them as Torchwood. They still feel like they’re guest stars versus regulars.

I liked the scenes with Gwen. I don’t know if it’s because the writers have just spent more years on this character, but Gwen and her relationship with Rhys feels far more real and interesting than Rex or Esther. Having said that, the whole storyline with her and her father feels created to give her more to do.

Another character that seems to be floundering is Jack. He is far less proactive than we’ve ever seen him in previous seasons. Often providing support than actually doing anything in the show. As I said, I did enjoy the scenes with Ernie Hudson and Jack. It gave Jack something interesting to do and it’s also given the team a new angle to research.

I’m glad to hear that there’s more to the miracle than just a greedy corporation. At the same time, I do feel like the writers are trying to stretch out this mystery far longer than it needs to be. I suspect that the series will overstay its welcome when what Torchwood does best is tell smart, tightly paced stories.

The end of the episode certainly promises a little more since Torchwood has apparently stirred the hornet’s nest and the mysterious “they” are getting ready to strike back. This will hopefully get both Gwen and Jack much more involved in the story.