Dr Who Review: The God Complex

Dr Who God Complex

Dr Who Review: The God Complex

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The Doctor, Amy & Rory arrive in the TARDIS at a kitsch, 1980s-style hotel whose guests have been plucked from throughout the universe (OK, mainly England) and are forced to confront their worst fears.

Best Moment: Loved the ventriloquist dolls, especially as the bodies started piling up, it made the scene both weird and creepy. A nice return for the Weeping Angels also. The best line has to go to Rory who remarks that Howard-the-blogger’s theory is “even more insane than what’s happening.”

Verdict: Overall, this was a decent episode, but after the amazing highs of the The Girl Who Waited, it didn’t quite reach anywhere near as close. Many people’s issue with the latest episodes of Dr Who, and I have to say, I agree, is that there is little continuity. If not for the last five minutes of the episode, The God Complex could’ve been placed anywhere within the Dr Who timeline- again, we more filler.

The trouble is that it needn’t have been a filler episode. Given that the Doctor still has not recovered the baby Melody Pond, and that he forced Rory to abandon the older Amy, it seems that the Doctor and Rory should’ve easily been able to convince Amy that the Doctor isn’t her saviour. Instead, poor old Rory gets shoved behind a door, never to appear in the scene again, while the Doctor says a few words which apparently convinces her he’s right. But without any mention of the issues they’ve been dealing with emotionally in the previous few episodes, it just seems like a whole lot of words, and I remain skeptical that the Doctor could have convinced Amy.

As for the last five minutes of the episode, I don’t think anyone believes that this is the last Amy will see of the Doctor, although I’m curious how it will all come together. I increasingly suspect that Rory and Amy aren’t going to be living happily ever after once they leave the Doctor. This couple has some serious issues. There’s still the little issue of a lost baby, which apparently is no longer an issue of importance for any of the characters. Then there’s the way she treats Rory. After last week’s episode, I tried to convince myself that Amy loves Rory as much as he loves her. But this week’s episode hints that although Amy has brought Rory along on the TARDIS, and although he continues to be there for her, regardless of what she says and does, he is, to quote another Dr Who companion, “the tin dog” in the relationship.

But getting away from the emotional drama, which I know some Dr Who viewers hate, what did I like about the episode? I liked the character of Rita, although it was obvious that her days were numbered. It’s always interesting to have a companion that isn’t in love with the Doctor nor does she worship at the altar of the Doctor. Yet again with Moffat, the villain of the piece isn’t really a villain at all but a misunderstood creature.

Given that the episode was titled The God Complex, it’s no surprise that the episode looks at the Doctor’s own God complex and his need to save everyone. Ironically, he’s only able to save the group once Amy sets aside her own belief in the Doctor. I’m curious to know what fear was in the Doctor’s room. It’s easy to assume it’s the astronaut that kills him but I suspect it may even be himself that he fears the most. Other weird things about the episode include Rory referring to his time on the TARDIS in the past tense. I suspect that, like the previous season, this season will require a rewatch to look for hints.