Torchwood Miracle Day: The Blood Line

Torchwood Miracle Day The Blood Line Jack Harness Gwen Cooper

Torchwood Miracle Day: The Blood Line

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Picking up directly from the previous episode, Jack’s blood leads Gwen, Jack & Oswald to the site of the Blessing in Shanghai, while allowing Esther and Rex to triangulate a location for the Blessing in Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, there is a mole in the CIA that could jeopardize Rex’s mission.

Best Moment: I must admit, I loved the Gwen-Jilly smackdown, with a little commentary on Jilly’s choice of makeup. Also liked that Gwen offers to shoot Jack rather than have him commit suicide.

Verdict: I’ve said this several times throughout the run of Torchwood: Miracle Day, but this finale clearly proves what I was saying, this should have only been about 5 episodes. Too many plot lines were dragged out.

Apparently the Blessing is a mysterious entity that lives within the Earth and manages to calibrate the average lifespan of mankind. But as for the diabolical three families, we learn nothing particularly new about them. They got some of Jack’s blood in the 1920s and after many years of winding their way into politics and big business, their research took them to the Blessing, which, they surmised, might be able to make everybody immortal with a bit of Jack’s blood.

Their ultimate plan for Phase 2 is a basic grab for power where they can shape the world to their liking. The trouble is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that what they want is power. There’s nothing really engaging about this plan, or specific. And why bring Jilly Kitzinger along? I still don’t feel that there was a purpose to it beyond a way that Jilly can lead Torchwood to the Blessing.

Then there’s the issue of Jack’s blood. There’s no real reason Jack’s blood would’ve made the Blessing turn everyone immortal. As has been repeated over and over throughout the series, “there’s nothing special about Jack’s blood.” There’s also no clear reason why Jack turns mortal, except to become the only man able to fix what the Families have done. Moreover, there’s absolutely no reason why Show ▼

Which brings me to the CIA mole debacle. Throughout the series, the CIA haven’t exactly been shown in the best light. I’m not talking about the moles within the agency, but the sheer incompetence. If they know there’s a mole in the agency, then why tell anyone about the trace? That’s the point of someone being a mole, it could be someone you trust. That’s a no-brainer.

Torchwood Miracle Day The Blood Line Jilly Kitzinger

Then there’s the fact that Show ▼

But it does fall to Rex to out Charlotte, leading to her being shot. Meanwhile Jilly Kitzinger, who manages to claw her way out of China and back to the States, is the only survivor to be recruited for the Family’s “plan b.” In a way, I like that Kitzinger survives, because her character is ultimately cockroach-like. She’s a survivor. On the other hand, it would have made more sense to have Charlotte on the run from the CIA and returning to the family fold.

Oswald Danes is another weird element to the series. Compelling at times, particularly as he became worshiped by the masses, he was never going to have a happy ending. And yet, it’s still a little unclear why he was given so much attention at all. Turns out he wasn’t, as we precicted, related to the the families. He wasn’t anything but a sideshow. Why did Torchwood bring him along when there were clearly other options? It certainly wasn’t for him to have a cheesy heroic death because, even though he blows himself up, thus burying the Blessing, his final speech is creepy and nightmarish, thus embracing his inner demons.

There were a few nice character moments, mostly with Gwen, as she comes to terms with the fact that she is condemning her father, and indeed, the whole world, to death. It was also interesting to see Jack, finally ready for death. Rex too had a nice, moment with Esther. To be quite honest, I haven’t been a huge fan of his character. He’s had some pretty good lines along the way, but he just doesn’t feel like a member of the team.

So of course, imagine my surprise when Show ▼

Which brings me now to Esther. At times annoying, the character really has come a long way, and I don’t think anybody expected that she would die. It’s sad, but not entirely unexpected. Torchwood has a thing about killing off characters, and the moment you call yourself Torchwood is the moment that your days become well and truly numbered (unless you’re Rex).

Overall, this season has felt more than a little wonky, going from an interesting “what if” scenario to a “time is running out” spy story. It’s still unclear whether there will be any more Torchwood after Miracle Day but I can only hope that Russell T. Davies has learned from this run that Torchwood works best when it’s just a few, tightly paced episodes.