Torchwood Miracle Day: The Gathering

Torchwood Miracle Day Gathering Esther Jack Harness Gwen Cooper

Torchwood Miracle Day: The Gathering

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

In this penultimate episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day, the story jumps forward two months in time, to find Gwen illegally caring for her category one father, and stealing drugs from the local chemist for the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Esther cares for a still wounded Jack, in Scotland.

Best Moment: I gotta admit, I loved seeing Gwen bashing convicted murderer Oswald Danes over the head with a saucepan. Sometimes the show goes too flashy (and nonsensical) when they show Gwen as a tough girl, a la the driving a car into a chemist bit at the beginning. This scene was way more realistic, and true to her character.

Verdict: The show continues to gather speed, and given how slow parts of the series has been, that’s definitely a good thing. I think it’s a bit odd that they felt the need to jump forward in time as much as they did. To me, it seems to further emphasize how much they dawdled in previous episodes.

The Nazi allegory is starting to get a bit much for me. Yes, we get it, burning Cat Ones is the equivalent, of the Nazi “showers”. Do we really also need to have the hiding Dad in the closet bit and the policeman who could easily double as an officer in the Gestapo? It all feels like very ham-handed storytelling to me, and grates as much as the awful “magic is like drugs” allusion that they did in Buffy season six.

As much as things seem to be coming together not a lot of it makes any sense. Some of it, I have no clue how it all connects, like the three families, and Jack’s blood. And there’s also a lot that I wonder if it really connects at all. Jilly Kitzinger is one of those storylines. I know some people really liked her scenes in this episode, but for me, I began to feel as though the purpose of her character was solely to lead Danes and (in turn) Torchwood to The Blessing. Which, if this is the case, is a waste. I’ve enjoyed her character and would like to see something a little more interesting for her.

I did like that there was some nice scenes with Rhys this week. In fact, Rhys spots something important that none of the Torchwood crew notices. As always, I really enjoy the scenes with Rhys and Gwen. And Rex certainly found some creative ways to search for members of the three families, even if it does all seem for nought.

As for Danes, it’s pretty absurd to think that the Torchwood crew would bring him along with them, There were plenty of other options. But he should prove a somewhat interesting companion. And then there’s the mole in the CIA; WebMonkey Rob’s prediction is that she won’t get found out until Esther returns to the CIA herself. But again, as up in the air as the story still feels, we won’t know for sure until next week.