Dalek Ironside Review

Dr Who Dalek Ironside toy

Dalek Ironside Review

Rating: ★★★★½ 

One of the things I hoped would most become a new toy in the Stephen Moffat era of Dr Who, was the WWII Dalek seen in Victory of the Daleks. With its Army green paint job, and the little British flag painted beneath the eyestalk, this was my must-have toy. Thankfully, the BBC and Underground Toys heard the wishes of Who fans everywhere, and in 2010 they released the Dalek Ironside.

The figure measures roughly just five inches tall, perfect for sitting and guarding your desk, as our one does. It feels surprisingly light. I was expecting it to have a bit more heft to it. Having said that, it feels fairly sturdy overall.

The detail in this Dalek is fantastic. It comes complete with a molded plastic belt that carries ammunition, a canteen and other supplies. Of course, one might wonder why a Dalek might need any of that stuff, but as a helper assisting the allies, and helping them win the war, I could see it being useful. The molded plastic effectively replicates the look of a canvass belt and even has laces on the back. I’m really impressed with the paint-job as well. Little details such as the laces, metal buttons on the pouches, and even the tiny Union Jack is perfectly rendered. The Dalek is painted in mostly a military green colour, with a black base.

This little Dalek also has a surprising amount of articulation. Three wheels at the bottom give it plenty of mobility. The dome rotates a full 360 degrees. The eyestalk has a 45-90 degree articulation while the egg beater/gun and plunger both sit in balljoints with even greater articulation.

The only thing that concerns me with the figures is that the plunger is long and thin, and in the case of this particular toy, appears a little bent. It is also a tad flimsy. Several times already, I’ve managed to accidentally knock the plunger out, and I’m fairly certain I’m not as hard on it as an eight year old might be. Another thing that disappointed me, and is pretty minor, is that there isn’t a teacup. My favourite part of the episode is when the Dalek enters with the teacup and yet it’s packaged with not a teacup in sight. Having said that, a quick search online pulls up plenty of mods for those like me that feel a teacup is essential.

Overall, I’m thoroughly pleased with the Dalek Ironside. I was a little hesitant getting it, since we already have a Dalek in the house, and he might get jealous. But this Dalek is such an accurate re-creation of the one seen in Victory of the Daleks, and offers so much detail, that any Who fan would love the Dalek Ironside.