Dr Who Review: The Wedding of River Song

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Dr Who Review: The Wedding of River Song

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Now that the Doctor has come to terms with dying, he is almost ready to face his death- but first he decides to do some digging on the Silence and find out precisely why they need him dead.

Best Moment: Loved Amy’s James Bond-esque entrance. Also loved that she went back to save Rory- as if we needed any more confirmation that Amelia has become such a badass. Loved the time mashup with pterodactyls, hot air balloons and trains going into American pyramids. But my favourite part has to be Amy’s realisation that she is now the Doctor’s mother-in-law. Fantastic!

Verdict: Stephen Moffat had a lot to live up to with this episode, and I would say that for the most part he was pretty successful- even if he did make my head hurt! I honestly don’t know where to begin with this episode. I loved the alternate universe that was created when all of time mashed up against each other. Personally, that world seemed far more interesting than regular time and space, but I suppose what with time collapsing and people in danger, they needed to save it.

There were some superb head nods in this episode from Simon Callow appearing as Dickens and hinting about a Christmas special, to the Dalek cameo, to the notion that Rory has become the “Kenny” of Dr. Who because he keeps dying. Whether you’re a new Who viewer or a fan from old, you’ll find plenty of nice little head nods for you in this episode.

Then there’s the Silence. They continue to remain as menacing as ever and are essentially undefeated, although their plan to kill the Doctor is foiled. I loved that the Silence were simply laying in wait for the Doctor and that everything, right down to the eye patches, was set up to lull our humans into a false sense of security.

We now know (sort of) why they want to kill the Doctor and what the question is that they are so afraid of being answered: Doctor Who? It’s such an obvious one- in fact when the issue of the question first arose, that was my initial thought- but no, surely it has to be more complex than that. Nope. It really isn’t. And since the Silence haven’t been completely defeated, no doubt the upcoming series will follow the Doctor to the fields of Trenzador. Or perhaps not, since the Doctor is considered dead by many out there.

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Which brings me to the switcheroo.Show ▼

My biggest complaint this season is that given how high the stakes have been raised, I haven’t felt much emotional impact for the characters. While I still feel like things have been glossed over, this episode did a little to help with closure. First we had the Doctor, who had begun to believe not only that he had to die, but that he had done more to endanger people than help them. I liked the moment when River explains that they are surrounded by people that have come to the Doctor’s aid, making the Doctor realise that he has made a difference and he’s not alone. It’s a nice, touching moment which culminates in the marriage between River and the Doctor.

There was also some nice closure for Amy as she is the one to take out Madame Kovorian. My problem all along has been the fact that while River is more or less okay, Amy and Rory have lost a daughter. Amy may regret what she did, but I’m fairly sure the audience cheered when she replaced the eyepatch and says “River Song didn’t get it all from you sweetie.” Between this moment and the scene in which we see River, like any adult child, popping round to see her mum and dad. It may be a weird f’ed up family, but that whole storyline is feeling a little more real.

Overall, this season’s seen a lot of highs and a lot of lows. There’s been a little too many “gotcha” moments, and I’m fairly certain most viewers would like a less drawn out arc story. Having said that, I did enjoy The Wedding of River Song and can’t wait for the Christmas special.