2011 Geek Holiday Gift Guide

This Year’s Geeky Gifts

Hogfather Terry Pratchett

It’s that time of year again when the shops are packed, it’s freezing cold, oh yeah, and time for more gift giving. Here’s a few of my favs to give to your fellow geeky loved ones.

Millennium Falcon Owner’s Workshop Manual

Millennium Falcon Manual

Millennium Falcon Manual

Okay, so this bad boy doesn’t come out until the end of January, but I can’t think of any Star Wars item more hotly anticipated right now than this owners manual for the Millennium Falcon. What’s that? You never heard of the Falcon? Well that’s okay because this Haynes manual charts the history of this particular type of ship, the Corellian YT-1300. The book is filled with photos and diagrams offering detailed information about the controls on the ship.

BSG Red Spine T-Shirt

BSG glowing spine t-shirt

Remember the whole glowing spine thing in BSG that was conveniently forgotten when it was clear it would interfere with the plot? Well, you get to see it again now with this new BSG t-shirt. Reveal your inner Cylon with a glowing red spine on your back. A must-have for any BSG completest and not-so-secret Cylon.

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick

star wars lightsaber candlestick

I must admit with the influx of Star Wars salt & pepper shakers, trash cans, chopsticks etc, it’s hard to get behind any of these new products as they seem like a blatant attempt to squeeze the cashcow. Having said that, I can’t help but get a chuckle at these lightsaber candlesticks. The candleholder is a re-creation of the Dark Lord of the Sith’s own lightsaber, and it comes with three 10-inch long, no-drip candles.

Hunger Games Trilogy

Hunger Games

There’s nothing new about the Hunger Games triology but it seems to me that with all the noise about the upcoming movies there are an awful lot of people out there who have yet to discover these fantastic books. So why not get them a copy of the complete trilogy so they can bone up on their Hunger Games knowledge before the games begin in March?

Serenity Little Damn Heroes Maquette

little damn heroes replica serenity

If you’re like me, you salivated over QMx’s big damn replica Serenity but not the $2,500 price tag, here’s a smaller and far more affordable option, also by QMx. This Little Damn Heroes model is a 1:4000 scale replica that measures just eight inches in length. The ship is screen accurate, having been recreated using the CG files from the show.