Once Upon a Time Review: Snow Falls

Once Upon A Time Snow Falls

Once Upon a Time Review: Snow Falls

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Convinced that the local John Doe comma patient is Snow White’s Prince Charming, Henry convinces Mary Margaret to read Snow White’s story to him to see what happens.

Best Moment: Loved the look the Regina gives Emma when she recognizes that Emma is wearing her blouse. Also loved Emma’s line “She’s gonna kill me. Then you. Then me again.”

Verdict: This particular story delved into the background of Snow White and how she and James AKA Prince Charming, first meet. I have to admit, this episode was a little corny for me, which for a show like OUAT is saying something!

I liked the idea of a tough-as-nails Snow White, living in the woods, but it just seemed a little too typically Hollywood. She was a little too cocky and self-sufficient. It was that Hollywood brashness and swashbuckling that can only exist in the movies. Perhaps it was Goodwin’s performance that bothered me, I’m not sure, but it seemed just as glaringly out-of-place as the kung fu in that BBC Robin Hood show.

I also can’t say I cared much for the trolls. They just looked bad. Couldn’t they have come up with a more original look for trolls?

Another thing that bothered me about the story was that we only got the vaguest hint about why the Evil Queen was so mad at Snow White. I have this horrible feeling that this is a plot thread destined to drag out across many seasons, and is a question that not even the writers know the answer to, a la Lost.

Still, there were plenty of fun moments in the episode, and I liked that Show ▼