Once Upon A Time Review: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Once Upon A Time The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Once Upon A Time Review: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Rating: ★★★★½ 

After Sheriff Graham expresses his true feelings to Emma and the couple share a kiss, he begins to remember his life as the Evil Queen’s huntsman.

Best Moment: You really can’t beat that ending which you had to know was coming but still kinda hurts all the same.

Verdict: Wow. OUAT kicked it up a notch this week. We finally got to see one of the people of Storybrooke actually remember his fairytale past. Finally. I must say though, Henry was remarkably cool about the fact that Graham was remembering who he was. Isn’t this the first person he’s met who actually remembers his past? I know the episode was supposed to be Graham-Emma-centric, but it made no sense for Henry not to volunteer to go with Graham and help him figure it all out. Anyway, that aside, I’m still just amazed that they finally took that step. What I’m not amazed at is how it ended. Even before we learned about the Evil Queen’s vault, I knew there had to be some back-pedalling. There couldn’t be that much forward momentum in a show from the makers of Lost. Still, as frustrating as it was to see that I was right, it was still kinda heartbreaking to see it all play out.

The episode also helps explain a few things I was never entirely clear about. The fairytale world isn’t just some other world that you can only get to via a portal or some other scifi trope. The world actually exists right beneath the town of Storybrooke. What’s more, you can apparently get there with only a little effort. Well, Regina certainly was able to. Which is another thing, although we’ve had some hints along the way, this offers clear evidence that Regina’s memories are entirely intact. Whereas before, I questioned whether she remembered her past, this episode plainly removes those questions.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, which surely can only mean that we’re in for another handful of mostly standalone episodes for the next few weeks to make up for this one. I should also add that the mystery of just what Snow did to EQ has deepened somewha,t but the writers still remain frustratingly tight-lipped.