Seattle Browncoats Presents: GeekFest


Sunday night was GeekFest, a seasonal geeky celebration organized by the Seattle Browncoats Charities. To be honest I hadn’t heard anything about this event until just a few days before when the folks over at Whedonesque tweeted about it. Once I learned that it was a concert and fair at the Lynnwood Convention Center, a mere five minutes away from IGP headquarters, we were so there.

Overall, it was a fun event, with a decent turn out given that there wasn’t a lot of publicity. I was most excited to check out the market to shop for all sorts of geeky toys for me… er, for my friends and family. Unfortunately, this was the part of the event that failed to hold my attention.

There were surprisingly few vendors at the event, maybe 15, total. I would also say that 90% of the vendors were steampunk related, which was a bit of a letdown. Not that steampunk isn’t fun, and I understand that a lot of Firefly fans love it for the occasional steampunk imagery. However, the event wasn’t billed as a Firefly event, nor as a steampunk event, so I thought it a shame that there wasn’t more inclusive geek vendors. Although, I did find a $1200 replica pulse rifle at one of the booths. I did not buy it. Unfortunately, IGP does not bring in enough income no matter how much I want to review that baby. Having said that, we do take donations, hint hint.

There were a few really nice items for sale for steampunk fans- stunning clockwork jewelry, medals, masks and some nice weaponry also. There was also a steampunk Santa, although I must admit that I was a little disappointed. Sure he was fun, but surely goggles on a Santa suit doesn’t automatically make you steampunk? A less traditional santa outfit coupled with a steampunk sleigh would’ve been cooler in my opinion.

The place to really be though was in the auditorium to check out the bands. I must admit to not being up on geek music. Sure, I’ll occasionally come across a geeky song here or there that makes me chuckle but it’s not something I necessarily seek out. Geekfest brought in artists from all over the West Coast. Some of my favourites included The Doubleclicks who remind me of a nerdy Portland version of Garfunkle and Oats. Kyle Stevens of Seattle’s Kirby Krackle played a variety of songs ranging from Christmas music, to comic book inspired rocks songs like Rainbow Bridge. As a Who fan, I loved Eben Brooks’ Doctor Who inspired song Spoilers although his Cthulu song was also pretty hysterical. Seanan McGuire, was on hand to perform a few numbers, including her Pegasus-winning song, Wicked Girls, which, as a fan of childrens literature, had me running home just so I could look at the lyrics.

I don’t know if the folks at SB Charities will do GeekFest again next year. I suspect this was a bit of an experiment. The only thing I ask is that it is again at the Lynnwood Convention Center (because, hey, super convenient!) and that they bring even more of Seattle’s uber geeky vendors on-board. However, even if they don’t take my suggestions, I can honestly say the concert itself is easily worth the $10 admission price. Plus, did I mention it was for charity??