Battlestar Galactica: A Military Infraction Hotlist


Ron Moore has prided himself for Battlestar Galactica’s realistic view of the military. While Webmonkey Rob can admit to liking the way they “run the ship” with their verbal commands (action stations) he is left skeptical by the lack of professionalism in this fictional military. If you can’t imagine why, just check out this list.

Fraternization: I know they’re the last humans in the galaxy but seriously Boomer and Tyrol, Apollo and Starbuck, Apollo and Dee. And let’s not forget Starbuck passing Zak Adama on Basic Flight because she was dating him.

Gun Pointing: It would be difficult to come up with a character that hasn’t pointed a gun at someone else on Galactica, but none have been quite so memorable as when Anders points a gun (and then shoots) Felix Gaeta, who then loses his leg. While Anders gets off scott free.

Starbuck leading a squad of marines: Surely Galactica has trained marine officers. When did Starbuck work on infantry tactics? In-between flight missions? It’s a wonder she had time to fly vipers considering she was attending infantry school and learning enhanced interrogation techniques.

Nepotism: Adama bumps Lee up to Commander of the Pegasus, thereby passing over the next highest ranking officer in the Fleet, Colonel Tigh.

Boomer BSG

Risking the safety of the fleet for one pilot: Adama on several occasions, risks the safety of the fleet AKA the entire human race, when Starbuck has gone missing and pulled pilots out of Combat Air Patrol to go search for her.

Relieving of command/mutiny: What it is called depends on who wins. Gaeta causes a full fledged mutiny because of the way Adama is bringing the Cylons into the fleet. When Adama disagreed with Roslin, he sends a detachment of marines over to arrest her.

Drug use in the military: In a recent episode we see the president and the admiral of the fleet sharing a joint.

Having sex with a prisoner: Colonel Tigh visits Caprica Six in the brig and ends up getting her pregnant.

Sabotaging a military operation: When Adama and Roslin finally find a way to get rid of the Cylons via biological warfare, Helo decides he’s not down with it, and thwarts the plan without repercussions.

Shooting a Cylon representative: Fearing that Six will take away her child, Athena promptly walks up and shoots Natalie, a significant Cylon figure.

Having an enemy in the ranks: Finding out that his long time best friend and second in command of the fleet is in fact a Cylon, Adama continues to keep Tigh on as XO of the Galactica.