Once Upon A Time Review: 7:15am

Once Upon A Time Snow White 715

Once Upon A Time Review: 7:15am

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Mary Margaret struggles to move on from David, while Emma and Regina grow suspicious about the stranger in town.

Best Moment: It was cool to see the actress playing Red in a distinctly non-skanky outfit in the fairy tale world. Also funny to learn that there were actually eight dwarfs at one time.

Verdict: Honestly, this episode didn’t do much for me either way. It didn’t annoy me the way last week’s stinker did, but it didn’t excite me either. Mary Margaret and David eventually get to share a kiss, but does this really change anything? Somehow I doubt it. Also the whole story line with the dove and the storm was beyond cheesey.

As for the fairy tale world, sure, there were times when I wanted Snow White and Charming to get together, but the very fact that we know how the story goes prohibited any real rooting for the characters. To be honest, it didn’t really make any sense either. Why couldn’t Snow have told him that she being forced to say those things by his father? He was prepared to run off with her, and she’s spent her life hiding from royals, they could have come up with some sort of plan. It all felt a little forced to me. Speaking of James’ father, I have to remind myself that Alan Dale didn’t always play right bastards. He did actually play the occasional good guy. In fact, he was King Arthur in the West End production of Spamalot, although you wouldn’t have guessed it the way he keeps getting typecast as bad guys in American television.

As for the new arrival, there are even more theories abounding the internet, including the idea that he is the mysterious writer of Henry’s storybook. That’s certainly a compelling idea. I’d be interested to see more of that, but to be honest, the show over all is becoming a bit of a chore to watch. Here’s to hoping we see something on the level of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.