Once Upon a Time Review: Desperate Souls

Once Upon A Time Desperate Souls

Once Upon a Time Review: Desperate Souls

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Following Graham’s death, the town of Storeybrook needs a new sheriff and Regina is determined to put her own person in charge.

Best Moment: It was funny watching Archie practicing for and then playing the moderator in the debate. Also loved seeing ReginaShow ▼

Verdict: This one wasn’t quite up to the previous episode, but that’s no surprise really. It was interesting to see how Rumpelstiltskin got his powers. Of course, it was no surprise just who the old beggar was, but it was still a mildly interesting take on the tale. The Storeybrook plot was a little on the schmaltzy side, even for this show. I liked that Emma stood up to Mr. Gold, but of course Show ▼

I am surprised that he has decided to oppose Regina. He’s always had his own agenda, but this is the first time where he’s openly moved against her. It should be interesting to see how that all plays out.