Once Upon A Time Review: True North

Once Upon A Time True North Emma Caulfield Blind Witch

Once Upon A Time Review: True North

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

When Henry meets two hungry homeless children, it is up to Emma to search for their parents. Meanwhile, in the fairy tale world, we get to see the Hansel and Gretel story unfold.

Best Moment: Loved the arrival of the stranger on the motorcycle. Also loved EQ’s reaction to Snow White living with dwarfs, although they didn’t look particularly dwarfish to me.

Verdict: To be honest, this was not my favourite episode for a number of reasons. For one thing, despite having Emma Caulfield playing the evil witch, the Hansel & Gretel story was completely whitewashed. Seriously, they took away everything that was interesting about this fairy tale.

In the story, the children are starving and are purposely abandoned by their parents in the woods. Here, the children lose their father because of EQ. They also took out the breadcrumbs. Really? Take out the breadcrumbs? That’s such a classic part of the story. Even today, some GPS units have a bread crumbs feature which is derived from that story.

It makes complete sense that the children would be lured into eating the stuff in the witch’s house because they’re STARVING. In the episode, EQ warns them not to eat anything and, considering they’ve only been without their father for a few hours, Hansel comes off as plain ol’ greedy and dumb.

Another aspect they change is the brother and sister’s ingenuity. When the blind witch tries to fatten them up before eating them, they trick her with a bone to make her think they’re still skinny and not ready to be eaten. In OUAT their escape just seemed too easy and lacked any real smarts.

Then there was the events in Storybrook. I completely understand that Emma has some strong feelings about the foster care system and it’s totally believable. However, I was not okay with her plan to simply hand the twins off to a guy who didn’t even know he was a father. I realise this is an ABC show which is family oriented, but seriously, a sperm donor does not a father make. You can’t just dump two kids on a guy and expect that they’ll be better off with him because they happen to be related, rather than someone who might actually want kids.

As you can see, this episode really bugged me. OUAT has been plenty guilty of changing stories and playing it too schmaltzy, but this episode really seemed to encapsulate everything that they’re doing wrong. I can only hope that the stranger in town might help bring a little interest to the show. Who knows, maybe he’s the Big Bad Wolf that some on the internet speculate.