Alan Moore on Before Watchmen

Alan Moore

Read a new interview with Alan Moore over at Seraphmera Books in which he discusses the upcoming Watchmen prequels and he and Dave Gibbons parting of ways.

I won’t summarize it here, since it really is an interesting read, but one topic I found particularly notable was the way in which Moore believed that the rights to Watchmen would return to him, only to find that not to be the case, and then later, have DC offer him back the rights in a desperate attempt to have him agree to the new prequels. Since he didn’t, it really makes me wonder how legal it even is. Moore also makes it clear that readers that do decide to go out and buy Before Watchmen clearly never “got” Watchmen in the first place.

Quite honestly, however you feel about Alan Moore, it’s hard not to agree with him regarding the merits of a Watchen prequel.