New Life for Lost Trek Episode

Star Trek: Phase II cast

So remember that lost Star Trek script penned by Norman Spinrad? Titled He Walked Among Us, it has languished for some 45 years. Now the lost script will finally be filmed by the kind folks at Star Trek New Voyages. You might remember them from a recent article we did Star Trek: By Fans for Fans, that New Voyages produces the series Star Trek: Phase II in which they have the crew of the USS Enterprise (as depicted in the 1960s series) continue on their five year voyage.

New Voyages has had original episodes penned by TOS writer D.C. Fontana and has featured appearances by George Takei, Walter Koenig and Grace Lee Whitney. We can’t wait to see what the New Voyages team does with this script!

Since we all know that making television costs money, if you want to hurry up and see this episode on screen, consider donating to the production to keep Star Trek: Phase II up and running.