Once Upon A Time Review: Dreamy

Amy Acker Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Review: Dreamy

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Mary Margaret teams up with Leroy to sell candles for the nuns. Emma finds herself busy investigating the disappearance of Kathrynn. Meanwhile in the fairytale world, Grumpy gets an origins story.

Best Moment: Pretty much anything with Amy Acker, although even she became way too saccharine in the fairytale scenes.

Verdict: Another meh episode for this meandering series. Taking aside the fact that I truly hate that the seven dwarves have to be the actual Disney versions, the fairytale story was just creepy. Dwarves are born in eggs? Okay, that’s different, and I congratulate the writers on coming up with that idea. However, the idea that their whole life is devoted to mining for fairy dust just sounds, well, like slavery. And the thing is, Dreamy could have gotten away from it too, but he chose to stick with his lot in life. Amy Acker, I’m glad to see, wasn’t wasted, unlike Emma Caulfield in True North. Although, the fairy scenes were just too saccharine and hard to take seriously. Maybe if the show was directly aimed at children that would be one thing, but there’s plenty of other storylines that suggests otherwise. It’s a shame, because they could have created something really interesting both in the look and the back story of the fairies, but instead they went a particularly tiresome way which was, quite frankly, cringe worthy.

The storyline as it continues between Leroy and Astrid was sweet for what it is, but overall, the idea of the town harlot and the town drunk trying to sell candles for nuns was a tad overdone. Lets not forget that not a single person wanted to either help or buy candles because of Mary Margaret. Seriously? Even for charity? For nuns? Who are about to get kicked out?

Then there’s the storyline with Emma. Well, I think it’s fair to say that the superpower that Emma claims she has is non-existent. She can never ever tell when someone’s lying to her. She also seems to be the world’s worst detective, if the only evidence she has that David was involved in Kathrynn’s disappearance is most likely a forged phone record. But who knows, maybe next week, we’ll actually discover just how good Emma is at her job. Maybe next week she’ll finally realise that she’s being played by her reporter friend!