Once Upon A Time Review: Hat Trick

Once Upon A Time Hat Trick

Once Upon A Time Review: Hat Trick

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

On the hunt for the missing Mary Margaret, Emma meets a strange named Jefferson with an obsession for hats. Meanwhile, in FTL we learn how the Mad Hatter became… well, mad.

Best Moment: Loved the Jefferson Airplane inside joke with the Mad Hatter named Jefferson, who has a daughter called Grace who just wants to buy a white rabbit. Very funny!

Verdict: As with Pinocchio, can I point out that Alice in Wonderland isn’t a fairytale, but instead a children’s book with a very specific author in mind? Speaking of children’s books, apparently Henry’s book has some TARDIS qualities. His stories are much longer than the average fairytale and are filled with pictures, and yet the book doesn’t look particularly big!

Overall, it was an interesting take on just how the Mad Hatter got stuck in Wonderland and became mad, although purists will hate it and I can’t blame them either. Wonderland looked interesting but had too much of a CGI look to be believable. Methinks they were heavily influenced by the recent Tim Burton movie. It appears that Jefferson might actually have been able to convince Emma that Henry’s right. I hope so, because I’m getting a little tired of this dragging out. How dense can Emma be? There is no way a town like Storeybrook can exist in the real world!

So Regina is responsible for the Mad Hatter’s predicament. Wow. Just how evil is this woman? Seriously, she is a bad, bad person…. to everyone. I really hope they decide to create a little more backstory for her because it’s getting silly, even for a show about fairytales. Also, her name is Regina in FTL? That’s not a very fairytale sounding name. Course neither is Jefferson. I thought it was just the name she picked for Storeybrook because it means “queen.” Oh well.

Speaking of queens. The Queen of Hearts was decidedly quiet and covered up. Part of me wonders whether the Queen of Hearts isn’t somehow related to Regina. Maybe her twin sister? Eh, it’s just a theory.

There was no real surprise that Emma is able to convince Mary Margaret to return, although I liked her reasons. The trouble was, the show hasn’t done much to develop their relationship, so it felt more like they were telling us, rather than showing us, this. Let’s face it, the one thing Mary Margaret could have confided with Emma, ie her ongoing affair, she tries to hide. So although I liked the scene, it didn’t seem to ring true to me.

No surprise that Regina was behind the whole leaving a key for Mary Margaret. What is surprising is that Mr. Gold helped her do it. Why? He seems to have a pretty valid reason to want to take out Regina, why would he suddenly help her? The only reason I can think of is for him to get Belle back, but they certainly didn’t mention it. Doesn’t he believe she’s dead?