Once Upon A Time Review: Heart of Darkness

Once Upon A Time Snow Heart of Darkness

Once Upon A Time Review: Heart of Darkness

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Emma is forced to arrest Mary Margaret for the murder of Katherynn. Meanwhile, Rumpelstiltskin’s potion has changed Snow, and James must find a way to make her remember him.

Best Moment: I gotta admit, I loved the scene with Snow White when she’s trying to squash the tiny Disneyfied blue birds, ahem, vermin. This was easily the funniest part of the episode.

Verdict: Another Monday night, another time to get caught up on Wince Upon A Time, as it’s known in my household. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to this episode. David and Mary Margaret have turned into the show’s most boring characters, and Emma has proven herself to be a terrible choice for sheriff. Plus, I really didn’t think this episode could come close to the previous episode, Red-Handed.

Still, it wasn’t as bad as I feared. The Storybrooke parts were as pedestrian as ever, although there were a few notable exceptions. For one, Emma has finally come to the conclusion that Regina is the one setting up Mary Margaret. The thing is, it’s been so obvious that Mary Margaret was being set up. I don’t care how incompetent a murderer you are, you certainly don’t leave the murder weapon in the air vent of your apartment, which you share with the sheriff! Also, David has undergone hypnosis and not only recovered memories of his blackouts, but some of his past as James, unfortunately his memory is so messed up, it doesn’t bode well for Mary Margaret.

Speaking of Mary Margaret, she has apparently decided to do a runner. They’ve only just begun to move forward with the case and she’s already made herself a fugitive, using a very suspicious key to her cell that happened to be in her bed. I expect that it was Regina who left the key there so she could get rid of Emma. I’m sure this will all get sorted out in the end, but does anyone actually think Emma is a particularly competent sheriff given her distinct lack of knowledge of police procedure?

Things were a little more interesting in FTL. For one thing, we got to see Red wolf out which was kinda cool. I’m liking her character more and more. For another, as I said, a pissed off Snow White is actually rather funny. It’s odd that both James and Snow are a million times more interesting in FTL than their Storeybrooke counterparts. What’s up with that?

Sadly, despite the fact that James finally gets her to remember him, the couple are separated yet again, when his father’s minions carry him away, leaving Snow to call out that she will find him. And thus we have their story drag out just a little more, which is ultimately the very problem with this series: the basic premise simply cannot stay engaging enough for an entire five season run.