Once Upon A Time Review: Red-Handed

Once Upon A Time Red-Handed

Once Upon A Time Review: Red-Handed

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Ruby decides to leave her job at Granny’s and help Emma investigate the disappearance of Katherine. Meanwhile, we learn more about Red’s back story in the fairy tale world.

Best Moment: I must admit, I enjoyed the twist at the end. I also loved seeing what a badass Granny was.

Verdict: This was certainly a more enjoyable episode than earlier episodes, at least in terms of the fairytale story. There was less cutesy schmaltz, and more dark, gritty adult story to enjoy. What’s more, the writers (Jane Espenson of Buffy fame) actually crafted a neat little twist.

As much as I saw the whole Show ▼

Which isn’t to say that it could’ve been presented a little better. I won’t say this twist came out of nowhere, but it needed a little more effort to build up to it. Show ▼

Why was Granny sitting with a crossbow pointed at the front door instead of in front of Red’s door? Even so, I can forgive a great deal here, simply because this really was the most innovative piece of storytelling we’ve had from OUAT in quite a while. Also, lets face it, what a heartbreaking tale for Red!

Unfortunately the Storybrook elements were still far less enticing. David seems unable to comprehend his predicament. For that matter, neither can Mary Margaret. Katherine is most likely dead, and yet neither one of them seem to understand why the town may see them as suspects.

However, I can’t say that Emma is doing much to help them out. She brings David in based on phone records, which she pointed out could be faked, and yet I still haven’t seen her check David’s phone, to see what it says. I’m not saying that would be definitive proof he was being framed, but it’s way better than her spouting out how she can always tell when someone’s lying- especially when we know that’s not true.

As for the new turn in the investigation, I’m not sure I really care all that much. Ooh, Emma’s going to have to bring Mary Margaret down to the station. Does anyone really believe that Mary Margaret is going to actually be framed for this murder? It just feels like a silly way to drag out an already way past its sell-by date, plotline.

I did however, enjoy Ruby’s arc and her return to Granny’s, although, really, Emma still needs someone else at the station. She is literally the only person running the Storybrooke police department!