More from ECCC 2012

George Takei ECCC

Okay, so I actually promised to have more news from Emeral City Comicon but, frankly life, as it sometimes does, got away from me. After the crazy few weeks I’ve had, I’m lucky to have made it to ECCC at all. Since it’s been over a week since the con, I won’t bore you with blow-by-blow descriptions of all the panels IGP attended. Instead, I’ll give you some of the highlights!

The major highlight of course was George Takei, who was certainly the con’s biggest guest this year. Over the years that I’ve been attending, they have had Takei, Nimoy and Shatner. Maybe next year we’ll get Nichelle Nichols!

The George Takei panel was hosted by Danny Bonaduce which was certainly an interesting choice. Takei, who still has a surprising amount of energy and pure exuberance, proudly wore a sash announcing that it was “Okay to be Takei.” The sash of course represents his work to fight a Tennessee bill forbidding the discussion of homosexuality in school.

During the panel, he talked about whether he would be making an appearance in the upcoming Star Trek movie. He said it was his understanding that the makers have taken a policy decision to steer clear of any more TOS cameos in the rebooted movies. He did however proclaim his enjoyment of all the action in the 2009 film, stating that it really was the right decision to recast because of all the running involved.

Takei also talked about his newest project, Allegiance, a musical production about the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII, which Takei himself experienced as a boy at the Rohwer Relocation Center in Arkansas. The actor also related several stories about his old Trek days, and how the “oh my” catchphrase came about.

Scott Pilgrim

The Walking Dead panel was another popular panel this year which featured stars Jon Bernthal and Laurie Holden. The pair fielded many audience questions while also discussing their own experiences of working on the show. Bernthal also related a story about an alternate idea he had for Shane’s death scene which sadly did not make the cut.

There were of course many comic-related panels, however the biggest news this year came from Oni who made the announcement that Scott Pilgrim would now be released in colour. Fans can shortly expect to see full-colour hard cover editions of the series, with the colouring done by Nathan Fairbairn.

And just like that, another year at ECCC was over. Every year the con just seems to get bigger and bigger. This year my mother-in-law even saw some press coverage of it, and she’s on the other side of the country. You know a con’s getting big when the mainstream media latch onto it! In a way, it’s cool to see a local convention getting such recognition, on the other hand, I’m hoping it doesn’t get too big too soon. It’s already hard enough work covering ECCC as it is!