Stories from ECCC: Firefly

Summer Glau ECCC

Another year, another ECCC mega weekend for Seattle. Last year we did a convulated, multiple page review on just about every panel that weekend. This year, we decided to simplify things by talking about some of our favourite panels. First up: Firefly

Okay, this wasn’t an official Firefly panel, but given that two hours of Room 4A was devoted to back-to-back panels with Summer Glau and Adam Baldwin, you can’t help but see it as a quasi-Firefly panel.

Glau’s panel was first. She seemed a little nervous at first, which is somewhat surprising of the chick that took out a room full of Reavers.

She talked a little about her past projects including telling the story of how she got her role on Angel. She also talked a little about what it was like to be in an episode of The Big Bang Theory, while also saying that she would love to be guest on Modern Family.

Summer Glau ECCC

Of her time on Firefly, it’s not surprising that she said that Sean Maher was the actor she was closest to. She described Adam Baldwin as being the “dad” on the set, although Baldwin later disagreed, stating that he was more the “grumpy uncle.” She of course talked a little about filming Firefly and Serenity. How the running joke about blaming Summer every time someone messes up their lines came about (during a tracking shot in Objects in Space) and about having to do the fight scenes in Serenity.

When asked about Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, and where the series was supposed to go, had it gotten picked up for another season, she quite freely talked about how it would have continued right where the series had left off, with them in the future and her playing Alison.

Glau also discussed her role in the upcoming movie Knights of Badassdom, which also stars Danny Pudi, Ryan Kwanten and Peter Dinklage. The film is about a group of LARPers who accidentally conjure up a demon. Glau plays the role of Gwen, the main female of the group, and is probably the closest she’s ever come to a period piece. Summer also mentioned a pilot that she shot for TNT, but remained tight-lipped about it, given she doesn’t know if it’s been picked up or not.

Pretty soon the panel was over and we were already moving on to Adam Baldwin. Now, I’ll be honest here. I really wanted them to do a panel together. I’m sure a lot of people did. I wasn’t sure how either of them would do in panels by themselves. Well, as it turns out, they both did just fine.

Adam Baldwin ECCC

Adam Baldwin really knows how to work the audience. He came out, grinning like a Cheshire cat, and wearing a t-shirt with the words “Dammit Joss” on the front, while the back features a tombstone with every character Joss has killed on his shows. Incidentally, the creator of the t-shirt was actually at the panel, and Baldwin later invited her up on stage with him. He also graciously invited a kid up on stage who judging by the scarf on his head, looked as though he were undergoing some serious treatments. Oh, and yes, after some cajoling, he did do a little from the Jayne song.

An inevitable question at the panel was whether or not Firefly might see a resurrection in the same way that Arrested Development is being revived on Netflix. Baldwin didn’t exactly dismiss the idea, but he basically said that with Joss being so busy with his movie career, it would really be up to him.

When asked if there was a genre show he would like to be in, he said that he would love to be part of the Star Trek reboot, preferably as a loveable villain. A Klingon, perhaps, although he did seem disappointed that there wasn’t a word for “I love you” in Klingon.

Adam Baldwin ECCC

One person asked what it was like to be working with Kubrick (in Full Metal Jacket) versus Joss. He replied that Joss was more of a confidence builder and was very accessible, while Kubrick was more standoffish, asking his actors to do scenes over and over until he got what he envisioned.

When asked what project he had the most fun working on, he said that Serenity was the most fun simply because they had managed the impossible, by making a movie made out of a cancelled TV show.

As for upcoming projects, Baldwin did say that he is going to be in an episode of Castle playing what he hopes will be a recurring character.

Stay tuned for more stories from ECCC!