Once Upon A Time Review: An Apple Red as Blood

Once Upon A Time An Apple as Red as Blood

Once Upon A Time Review: An Apple Red as Blood

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Emma’s attempt to steal Henry away in the night goes awry. Regina tries to get rid of Emma in such a way that doesn’t break the curse. Meanwhile, in FTL we learn how Snow bites into that famed red apple.

Best Moment: Fairies, attack! (Please note this is both the best and worst moment of a very dire episode)

Verdict: Well, I was right, something big has to happen and it does. Although my prediction is that Emma won’t be fully on-board until she gives Henry a mother’s true love kiss and wakes him up, and then roll on season two…

However, I am getting ahead of myself. Honestly, I thought this episode was pretty terrible. Yes, stuff happens but given how much filler there’s been, things suddenly felt awfully rushed. First, there’s Snow’s full-on assault to rescue Charming. Erm, am I missing something? When did the army of fairies sign up? It’s not that I don’t see how that could happen, Grumpy did have a history with the fairies, but it felt awfully rushed. Not to mention hokey, campy and terrible in the special effects department. Which isn’t to say that kids might not enjoy this scene, I just couldn’t buy into it.

Another thing that was rushed and confusing: Jefferson. I thought he made it back to Wonderland. If he didn’t, how in the world did he manage to just run away after jumping out of a two story building? Moreover, how did he evade arrest? We all know that Emma is the world’s worst police officer but this is just poor writing!

Also, was I the only one bothered by the sudden memory problems of the characters. Why would Jefferson trust Regina? He has no reason to, she’s already tricked him before. Why does Regina pout when Gold says that she has nothing he wants. She has Belle for crying out loud!! And then there’s Emma… she says to Henry that Regina has done nothing except fight for him…. erm, are we conveniently forgetting the whole trying to pin a murder on Emma’s roommate/mother?? Which actually turned out to be a kidnapping which she pinned on Sidney.

Speaking of Henry…. who didn’t see that ending coming? Of course he was going to bite into it, but I think we were actually supposed to be surprised by it. And what’s with Emma not being the slightest bit suspicious about the turnover? You don’t drop by somebody’s house un-announced and not think it’s weird that they give you the ONLY apple turnover they baked. Now if Regina had made a small pile of turnovers, I could believe it, but she baked ONE turnover. Nobody bakes one turnover…

The end is almost nigh for this season of Once Upon A Time. Will they be able to turn it around at the end of the season? Doubtful. Frankly, judging by the acting and writing in this episode, I think most of the people involved in the show have given up already. But I’ll be there to let you know just what I thought of it.