The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bane

The Dark Knight Rises Review

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

I’ll be honest, my opinion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films has always been, “this is fantastic. He can’t top this. I hope he doesn’t make another one.” And yet despite my wishes, he made more. Two more. And the truth is, I’m glad he did, because despite what we usually see with superhero movies, The Dark Knight Rises works, and works well.

It may not have originally been Nolan’s intention to go out and make a trilogy, but a trilogy is precisely what he’s made, with a beginning, a middle and, like all good stories, a satisfying ending. He manages to skirt the usual superhero third movie issues by focusing on the myth, both the myth of Batman, and the myth of Harvey Dent that has grown up around Gotham City in the eight years since his death. And let’s not forget the myth of Bane, Batman’s newest foe to threaten Gotham City.

If you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, I highly encourage you to watch the previous films again. This movie recalls many themes and plot points from the previous two films, things I know I wouldn’t have caught, had I not just watched the earlier movies.

The Dark Knight Rises begins, as I mentioned, eight years after the events of The Dark Knight Batman has retired, allowing Harvey Dent to become the hero that Gotham City needed. Still mourning the loss of Rachel Dawes, and believing that she indeed had chosen him before she died, Bruce Wayne has become a shut-in, and Wayne Enterprises is quickly losing money and ripe for a takeover. A run-in with cat burglar Selina Kyle reignites Bruce’s interest in the world, after she pilfers his mother’s pearl necklace. This is not a minute too soon either, since former Ras al Ghul student Bane is setting up shop in Gotham City’s sewers, ready to complete his former mentor’s work.

The Dark Knight Rises Alfred Bruce Wayne

A lot has been said about the length of the film. I’ll be honest, it didn’t feel overly long, despite being two hours and 44 minutes in length. Some may complain about the pacing. Personally, it felt right for the kind of story that needed to be told. Remember, eight years have gone by, there are a lot of pieces that need to be set up. That isn’t to say that aren’t moments in the movie that I wished for more. The scenes after Show ▼

One thing people can’t complain about is the action which is surely even bigger and more ambitious than previous outings.

Performances are, as you would expect, top notch all round. Tom Hardy needs to be commended for being able to convey as much as he was able to with most of his face covered. I should also say that I didn’t have any problem hearing Bane’s dialogue unlike some reviewers. Michael Caine had some very touching scenes in this, which is why I wish there had been more scenes with him. One surprising turn was Anne Hathaway. To look at her, I wouldn’t immediately think Catwoman, yet she really brought an energy and sense of fun to the role.

One thing I do want to complain about is all the spoilers. Because of spoilers Show ▼

On the other hand, because of my knowledge of Bane, I already knew about that scene, which didn’t make it any less excruciating to watch. And while we’re talking spoilers, how about that ending! Show ▼

Overall, this was a worthy end to a worthy trilogy. It makes me sad, not because Christopher Nolan won’t be making any more Batman movies. I’ve been a fan of his work long before Batman, but because the franchise now leaves his capable hands forever. Is The Dark Knight Rises better than the previous Batman movies? That’s up to the viewer to decide. But one thing I know for sure is that it’s going to be a long time before they make another Batman film of this calibre.