Doctor Who Review: The Angels Take Manhattan

Dr Who Angels Take Manhattan

Doctor Who Review: The Angels Take Manhattan

Rating: ★★★★½ 

The one in which the Doctor, Amy and Rory wind up in New York battling the creepy Weeping Angels.

Best Moment: There were so many nice moments to choose from, but I really enjoyed the bit with River’s wrist. From the moment where Show ▼

Verdict: Wow, what an amazing episode. The Weeping Angels. We say farewell to the Ponds. Just amazing. Where to begin?

Let’s start with the Weeping Angels. These have easily been the creepiest addition to the new Who monster lineup. Blink is still one of my all-time favourite episodes, so it makes sense Moffat would use the Angels to finish Amy and Rory’s story. Were they as creepy as they were when we first saw them in Blink. Quite honestly, no. But they are still scary and quite formidable. And, I know a lot of people rolled their eyes at this one, but I personally loved the Angel taking over the Statue of Liberty. Makes no sense, but still thoroughly enjoyable.

The Angels are only a small part of the story though. This was Amy and Rory’s story. Well, Amy’s really. Let’s face it, Moffat didn’t only pick the Weeping Angels for their creep factor. The Angels was also the first episode in which Amy meets River Song, her daughter. Callbacks like this could be found throughout. River wrote the book which features so heavily in this episode, but which they cannot ready for fear of “spoilers.” This was a nice callback to the journal she keeps of her meetings with the Doctor.

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There was also the nice bookend of closing the episode with young Amy right before her Raggedy Man arrives. We got to see Rory die, again. We got to see just how much Amy loves Rory. Let’s not forget many fans have felt Rory loves Amy more than she loves him. Hell, they’ve even said so in the show. In this episode, twice Amy steps up to the plate. First, in their suicide pact, and then later when she chooses to go back in time in the hopes of finding and spending the rest of her life with him.

All of the cast were in top form this episode. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill had the bulk of gut wrenching moments, which they did exceedingly well. By the way, anyone notice that Rory’s middle name is “Arthur”? Matt Smith is also amazing, especially when he’s begging Amy to stay- even though it is rather selfish of him. Meanwhile Alex Kingston is decidedly understated this week which played very well given the episode’s emotional beats. I also loved the noir theme which was not at all heavy handed.

Yes, there are some niggling plot points that don’t quite make sense. Why was River in 1938 in the first place? How did Amy going back in time suddenly make it a fixed point that the Doctor couldn’t change? Overall however, this was a successful episode that brought a satisfying end to the story of Amy. But it’s not a sad ending. Yes, I would like to know if they ever get to see River again, or what happens to them, but Amy and Rory lived a long life together and that’s about the most anyone can ask. You know, unless you’re a mad man with a box.