Doctor Who Review: The Power of Three

Doctor Who The Power of Three

Doctor Who Review: The Power of Three

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

When mysterious cubes appear all over Earth, the Doctor decides to come stay with the Ponds and discover the mystery behind the cubes. But can he handle everyday life?

Best Moment: There were some really nice moments just depicting the Ponds normal everyday lives and their feeling of being pulled in two different directions. It was cool to finally see Rory doing his job as a nurse! Also loved the headnod to fish fingers and custard. though I’m amazed that the Doctor ever managed to get them to try it.

Verdict: An interesting episode overall. The invasion story was nicely done, with the cubes appearing so benign and taking so long to do anything that people generally grew accustomed to them. The villains also offered an interesting piece of Time Lord lore. Unlike many Moffat Who episodes that operate in shades of grey, I think the Shakri can safely be classified as villains.

The ending ventured along well-worn territory with the whole argument of the human race actually really being good and worth keeping around. Shame they couldn’t convince the Shakri. But then the Doctor finds a way to save mankind by utilizing the cubes themselves. It was a bit rushed, I admit. But to be honest, the joy episode wasn’t so much the invasion anyway, it was the way in which it introduced us (and the Doctor) to the world of the Ponds.

We got to see them through the course of a year, and experience the life they’ve made for themselves when they’re not riding around in a TARDIS. It’s all very foreboding of course. Particularly when Mark Williams’ character asks the Doctor about what became of his previous companions.

Seeing Amy and Rory step inside the TARDIS with the Doctor at the end of the episode…. well, it’s almost it for the Ponds and it truly does feel like the end of an era. I shall miss not only Amy and Rory, but the dynamic of all three actors together. I’m both excited and sad for next week’s episode.